London's screaming

The woman spared a second to stoop and remove her heels in her desperate flight, she screamed long and shrill before turning and vainly running from the dark clothed man chasing her. The woman screamed and stumbled, gasping for breath and sobbing with fear. The man following her was waiting, he could easily catch her, but even if there was no one to hear her, committing murder in the middle of the cobbled street would be foolish to the extreme. The woman made the mistake, as he had known she would, turning into a dead end alley in an attempt to escape him. She turned, crying with fear, her face was pale and her eyes desperately sought an escape. In the second before the knife the man held plunged into her stomach the woman relaxed, she was still panting hard but there was an acceptance in her face as if she knew she had done all she could.

    This stereotypical notion obviously was sent flying to the back of her mind the moment the knife made contact. Her eyes widened to the size of teacups and filled with pain as her body went into a series of spasms vainly trying to eject this life-threatening intruder. She gasped in pain and shock, crumpling to the floor gargling blood while froth formed on the side of the rosy red lips, framed so strikingly against the pale skin. Both of these features were predominant factors that made the dark clothed youth stood looming over her choose her for this.

    The youth had a gaunt face and dark, almost black eyes. He stood, suddenly breathing hard, a look of ecstasy on his face. Sweat shinned on his forehead as he savoured this moment , the moment were he could forget his troublesome parents and goody too shoes sister and for once in his life be in total and utter control. 

    How ironic that if that had been it the Codex would have remained locked. The woman who’s corpse now lay at the youths feet, had come that night from an eco committee dedicated to saving the environment, now with a last spasm a single drop of blood would enter the small patch of street at the exact time to open the codex. How ironic that by trying to save the world, now she was dooming it to extermination or cursing them to many years of pain and suffering. But that is what happened. The cooling corpse gave a last twitch and that perfect spherical globe of blood passed through the boundaries of that space at the exact moment the clock ticked to the fateful second.

    A flash of darkness that removed all light from the surrounding street flashed around the street and a high pitched squeal from the youth as his mind was killed instantly and his body was possessed by half the hundreds of spirits that had been entombed for so long. When light returned to the alley once again, all be it much more dimly than the moon had cast before it revealed the body of the youth and the woman stood leaning on a wall. It was as though someone had sped up the process of decay. Having that many spirits entombed within their bodies ment that already the skin was pale, bloated and stretched across their skulls. And blood in the darkest shade of red ever recorded Leaked from numerous small cuts and holes in their skin. They rapped themselves firmly in their clothes before pulling the darkness closer to them and going to find a bin or bunker to spend the day, which was fast approaching.

    Tomorrow they would emerge again and again they would kill to posses. Every few weeks they would have to change to a new body but the rest of the victims would contain more spirits making the corpses last longer. Then when they were all in their own animated corpse the would rise and strike at the world that had hurt them so much.

    With thoughts like these running through the discontented spirits within their rotting head the corpses stiffened and lumbered of in an odd gate.

    The Blood Codex had been broken, nowhere was safe...

The End

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