The Codex

The Spirits had been thorough, they made have underestimated the humans but they were not stupid to the max; they feared the spirits may break through the door, the weak spot in their cell. Because of this there was only 1 exact metre square in which an innocent would have to die to unlock the door.  Blood, that was what it came down to, at the right place in the single split second. The Blood Codex had waited long enough. It was time, time to break free and extract revenge from the pitiful retches called humans. The humans would not sate them; the animals and plants would burn to. They could not regain their bodies as spirits, they were forced to cram into others bodies and slowly kill and deform them, and the sun would burn and kill them. They were truly doomed. That single spirit, the outcast of their race was to blame. They couldn’t not live in the cell forever, and the moment they were free they would slowly die. They had long since comes to terms with this. If they were going to die they would first kill each and ever last human, plant and animal.

The End

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