The Blood Codex

First time writer so please tell me what you think.

    At the beginning of time, when the universe was young and the stars had only just cast their light upon the darkness the spirits emerged. Now, like all races, the majority were good. They came forth and, being the nature loving creatures, set about the acts of creation, the formed rock and air and made the intricate system of atoms and cells. All of these were guided by their gentle touch. However, like all races, some of the spirits were bad.

    When the other spirits experiments created life they rejoiced, and realised the time had come to leave and let the things they had made prosper on their own, as then the achievement of survival would be all the better. The bad spirits, lead by Lucifer, called so by the fearing humans who had now developed, ravaged the earth and people. The spirits decided something had to be done. They discovered if they pored all their energy into one spot the spot became reinforced. So by doing this they all gave their energy to create a cell. For the spirits to fit they had to make a door and so they made a lock on the door to their cell. A lock they thought would be un-breakable. They new humans didn’t they? The conditions they set upon it could never be fulfilled by their humans could it.

    And so, a war ravaged the lands. The fiercest battle that has ever been and nothing that had yet been or shall be will ever come near in its scale, gloriousness and strength. But in the end, the spirits won. They locked their evil brethren in the cell they had made and for what they believed to be the last time, locked them inside. The spirits rested before, content in their own beliefs, they faded back to whence they came, never to return, and never to be seen again.

    That which they had made to lock the cell was flawed, humans were flawed and by extension spirits were flawed. For they trusted too much and could not see the evil in anything, let alone their greatest achievement.  All it would take to lift the lock was a sacrifice and a key. The lock they had called the codex, which they did not believe could be broken. The sacrifice was a million souls killed in battle, the key, the blood of an innocent spilled at an exact time at an exact place. There was, for one dark, hate filled second every 100years the option for the key to be turned. For the sacrifice had long since been made.

The Blood Codex had been set, waiting for eternity, through the ages to be opened. Waiting for its chance to unleash that within. Before the spirits had left, a recluse, wise beyond the rest of his race an exiled for it had saved some of his power and use it to force the spirits within to his will. If the lock should ever be broken and the spirits break free, they could not remain so. He cursed them to remain locked in prison for all eternity. If they broke free, the would have to posses things to survive, and sunlight would be there downfall.

It was only a matter of time...

The End

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