The Blood and the Blade

The darkness swept between them, unmoving, desolote and full of despair.  Black blood dripped from both blades, making little pools on the ground.  He had trained a lifetime for this, and now with one killing blow left to make he hessitated...To take a life, how could he?

His opponent was lay a pool of his own blood, it drained from every limb, gashes covered his stomach and chest.  It had been a long battle fought for what what seemed like eons and now it was finally coming to an end.

His training can back to him, he could hear his old master speaking as loud as if he were right there beside him.  But to take this man's life,this is all that remained for his final test.  It was called "the stage of the mirror", the moment when you would have to look into your own heart and judge yourself righteous enough to take another.

With this one last blow his training would be complete, he would finally be accepted into their ranks as one of their own, a Raven.

"I will do what I must" and with that said he rapidly closed the distance to the fallen warrior, his blades in the air, the stance of the dragon ready.

The End

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