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Mariah Riley is a quiet girl who keeps her opinions to herself, but online she can be anyone she wants to be. In this case, she is Miss Elizabeth Brown, a popular blogger. But when someone finds out who she really is, can she keep her secret safe?

Some people have been wanting me to write about teenagers and how people treat them and quite honestly, I think that's a bit ridiculous.  Yeah, sure, teens get a bad rap.  But so do adults and criminals.  So why should I favor someone over the other when I might just happen to like say criminal rights better.  The point is my children, you really should get off your high and depressed emo consumed horses and start standing up for yourselves instead of asking other people to do it for you.  Why don't you get some pride and prove that you're worth something?

I sighed and ran a hand through my dishwater blonde hair before posting the lastest blog from Miss Elizabeth Brown.  It was weird that only a year before, I had started the blog.  It had just been a way to actually speak.  You see, I'm mute.  My other senses worked wonderfully.  I just can't make a sound.  It can get rather frustrating at times.  Especially when there were subs who made the assumption that I could speak like everyone else.  It wasn't a bad assumption.  After all, my parents had insisted that I go to a normal school like everyone else.  There had just been times when I had wished that that hadn't happened.  I couldn't regret the few friends that I had though.  They had found little ways to help me out no matter the frustrations that had faced us and there had been a lot.

I closed out the blogging window and opened up my messenger to check who was on.  It was a quiet night, there was no one I wanted to talk to so I logged off and shut down my computer for the night.  I stood up and stretched looking at my dorm room.  I was in my second year at a small college which meant that I didn't have to deal with substitute teachers anymore.  I just had to deal with new students and staff each semester that things changed.  I was learning to deal with it though.  I had to if I was going to live any kind of life.  After all, just because I was slightly disabled didn't mean I wasn't going to do what I could with whatever I had.  The only problem was that I didn't know what exactly I had.  I was still undecided for my major and well into my third semester, I didn't feel any closer to figuring it all out.

The room was decent size with a bed and it's plastic mattress.  The desk sat under the window in front of the heater while the dresser stood along the wall with her small television on top of it.  It was all very simple which was probably why I liked it so much.  I had never been a very elaborate or ostentatious in my presentation of anything, least of all anything to do with me.  Maybe that was just another one of the reasons that most people didn't notice me.  I never stood out in anyway.  Except as Miss Elizabeth Brown.  The only problem was, no one knew I was Miss Elizabeth.  I didn't want them to.  Not ever.  Not even my friends knew that I was Miss Elizabeth.  It wasn't that I didn't trust them...or maybe it was that.  Did I even trust anyone?  I didn't want to answer that question.

I shook my head and grabbed my coat, wallet, and keys before slipping out of my dorm room and locking the door behind me.  It was already seven o'clock.  Too late to go to the cafeteria, but that didn't mean I couldn't go out to eat.  There was a nice little restaurant only a few blocks from the campus that knew me well and they had great food.  It made for the perfect combination.  It was getting dark outside which was why I decided to drive.  It was a nice,short drive, and my favorite song was playing on the radio.  It just made it all the better.  I was grinning as I walked into the place and took a seat at the counter. "Hey Riley!" One of the waitresses, Lisa greeted me with her usual bright smile.  I waved and signed hello as Lisa grabbed me a menu.  I wasn't one of those people who had a usual.  I liked trying something new every time.  It was one of the things the cooks liked about me they said.  I found what I wanted and pointed to it on the menu. "I'll grab Clifton," Lisa promised jotting down my order and moving back toward the kitchen.

I ran a hand through my hair and sat up straight.  Clifton was...alright I had to admit that I had had a crush on Clifton Howard since the day I had met him three years ago visiting the small, seemingly sleepy college town.  He never noticed me as anything but what he considered a friend though.  I would have to live with that though just like I lived with invisibility.

The End

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