Weeping Angel. - Entry 1.Mature

Weeping Angel. - Entry 1.
12th February 2011.

People expect so much from me. They expect me to be smart, like my
cousins and my sister, they expect me not to have a backbone, they want me
to be the perfect young lady but I'm not any of these.

I'm not smart, not like the cousins, I have my blond moments. My biology
GCSE results have recently came back, I've got two D's, not too good for
someone in the second  highest set.

When my mum found out she said we'll talk about resitting and when my
dad found out he told me to try, do my homework and sort out my
behaviour. He said I need to get to bed earlier.

I don't have the best sleeping paaterns but that doesn't mean I  do not try.
He just thinks I do not because that is what my sister said.

But I do try. I do do my homework and my behaviour has gotton so much
better over the years.

I used to lash out a lot but now I try to keep it in. It's better than everyone
seeing my pain. I hate seeming weak. With all the crap that has and still is
going through my life, I should be a lot stronger than I am. But I'm not.

The End

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