Chapter Three

Tirza woke to the sound of a crackling fire. She tried to stand up but stopped after she felt the pain in her leg. Ugh. I forgot about that. She reached down to feel her leg and found a bandage on it. Who helped me? Surly it wasn’t one of the man’s companions. I’ve got to get out of here before Tiya starts looking for me.

“You’re awake.” A male voice suddenly brought her from her thoughts. “Are you hungry at all?”

“Who are you?” Tirza demanded

“My name is Keitaro.” She heard him move closer to her “What’s your name?” Tirza didn’t get a chance to reply for right then Keitaro had untied the bandage on her leg and put something on the wound making it sting.

“What are you doing?” she asked pulling her leg away. She heard Keitaro back up slightly.

“I’m just trying to help!” he said defensively Why can’t my healing work on me as well? Tirza asked herself. Reluctantly she brought her leg back down and let him rub whatever it was he was putting on her. After a while the stinging subsided and Tirza relaxed.

“Do you want to tell me your name now?” Keitaro asked. Tirza attempted to avoid the question with a different one that was on her mind.

“Why are you helping me? You don’t even know me.”

“Trust me even I don’t know why I’m helping you myself.” Keitaro replied tying a new cloth around the wound. Tirza winced as he pulled it tight. “Now are you-“

“What is the sun’s position right now?” Tirza interrupted him. Keitaro looked at her with a confused look but of course she didn’t notice it. She repeated the question when he didn’t answer.

“What kind of question is that? You’re just trying to keep from saying what your name is aren’t you?”

“No I’m serious. What time of day is it?”   

“It’s almost noon! Why are you asking me these dumb questions?” Tirza sighed and began waving a hand in front of her eyes.

“I’m blind!”

“Oh… I’m sorry I didn’t realize that.” Keitaro said quickly. Tirza just shrugged.

“It’s alright. You’re probably the only who know I even exist.” Except for my friends.  She added in her head. How am I supposed to get rid of him when I can hardly stand up? I’ll have to wait until he falls asleep to call the others.

Throughout the rest of the day Tirza was able to successfully avoid the question of her name. But it had come up several times and each time she changed the subject. She felt very insecure lying on the ground all day. Keitaro had even removed her dagger from her belt while she had been passed out. She had no idea where it so she just waited.

Nightfall finally came. Tirza prayed that Keitaro was a heavy sleeper as she made a strange animal call. She repeated it several times before there was an answer. A few minutes later a white unicorn appeared in the thicket.

“Finally!” Tirza whispered with relief as she felt the familiar sense of the unicorn. “I was beginning to think I had been forgotten.” She smiled at the unicorn as it silently made its way toward her.

“You need to be more careful Tirza!” the unicorn scolded softly as it stopped next to her “You could’ve been killed if this boy hadn’t come help you.”

“I may be blind,” Tirza began as she stood up, putting all her weight on her good leg and somehow managing to get on the unicorn’s back “but I can still take care of myself. It’s a pity this boy won’t be able to find his way out of the forest.”

“Tirza you know that-" the unicorn began

“Tiya say no more. I made the decision and I’ve had to live with it so leave my problems be.” Tirza said flatly “Let’s get out of here before I begin to have second thoughts about my duties right now.”

“But Tirza-

“Go!” with that order Tiya quickly yet silently made her way away from Keitaro’s camp.

The End

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