Yazu continued down into the alley with Delilah close by, but Magnus was far behind.

They all came to a stop when Yazu came face-to-face with a brick wall. Magnus turned around towards the only exit and acted like a person giving an air hug when suddenly, another brick wall formed. Magnus descended into the darkness.

Yazu turned around on his heels and smiled, bearing his white teeth. "Okay, what are we really doing here?" He asked, too drunk to take anything seriously without laughing or chuckling. Delilah was inches away from Yazu when she pulled a gun out from inside her boot and aimed it in the center of Yazu's forehead. Yazu stopped grinning and laughing wildly.

"Empty your pockets. Now." She demanded. Yazu gave another grin at Delilah and took a step closer. Delilah clicked back the hammer making a 'chink' sound.

"Alright, alright. Heh, anything for you, babe." He reached into his front pockets and ended up pulling out tiny bags of black sand. He displayed them to her, then dropped them carelessly to the ground. He moved onto his jacket pockets, sliding out a small sized rifle, a knife as well as more black sand that he carelessly displayed, and dropped to the cold, hard ground. "That's all I got. Now would ya mind to aim that thing away from my head?" Yazu complained.

"No." Delilah responded, with a strong voice.

Magnus- now behind Yazu -flattened the palm of his hand, rose it above Yazu's head, and brought it back down hard below Yazu's jaw and on his neck. Yazu's eyes rolled to the back of his head and dropped to the ground unconscious.
Delilah slowly dropped her arm down and cased her gun inside her boot. She walked carefully over beside Magnus and examined the scene.

The End

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