The Blazing Spy

A boy named Magnus is all alone in this big empty world. Nobody but himself anymore ever since that unspeakable day where... Well, I won't reveal to that just yet.
W.W.P. is a secret organization of spies. The W.W.P. is said to work in secret (like all spy organizations) to solve crimes against the people no matter where. One day, a new interesting stranger joins the W.W.P. He didn't sign up for this though, it was his only choice. To the other spies surprise, the stranger is rather negative,

Magnus kept his head down as the bartender slid a light drink over to him. He picked up the 7-Up and took a sip, then turned his head in the direction of a slender young woman with long, layered black hair wearing a short, strapless black dress with a purple zipper in the front. She just sat at the end of the bar talking casually to the man sitting beside her. She gradually stopped talking as she noticed him checking her out. She smiled at him which triggered the man she was once talking to, to turn and see the distraction of their conversation.

Magnus sensed the atmosphere and decided to join the lovely lady and the man. He grabbed a hold of his drink and walked wabbily over to the pair of them. Magnus pulled up a stool and squished himself in between them.

The man looked young, but the wrong kind of young. He seemed like he was forty but trying to look twenty. He had short black hair slicked back, black eyes and a pointed nose. He was wearing a silver chain necklace, a pair of dark jeans, a black shirt with navy blue designs and a black jacket. His breath stunk of alchol which ment he was drinking.

"Hello." The woman said starstruck.

"Hello to you too," Magnus answered drowzily. "So, does the pretty lady have a name?"

"Delilah." She replied with a woozy smile.

The man directed his attention from Magnus to Delilah.

"Hey man back off, she's mine." He said joking but with a hint of truth. Magnus laughed briefly as did the man and Delilah.

The man gave a half smile "I'm Yazu. You are...?"

Magnus tilted his head down slightly "The names Max." Delilah shrugged her shoulders then decided to stand up.

"Let's go somewheres more quiet, shall we?" Delilah requested. Magnus and Yazu did like a mirror and both stood up.

"Lead the way, beautiful." Said Yazu. Delilah left the bar with Yazu and Magnus following behind her. 
It was a silent, dark night with almost no cars driving about. Magnus was the last one out who closed the back door to the bar behind him. He stuck a wad of gum on the handle before he joined Delilah and Yazu.

"Let's go to my car."She  told the boys. Yazu stopped in place and Delilah turned back to face him.

"Where is it parked? You should let a man lead the way." Yazu said confidently trying to insult Magnus.

Delilah pointed up ahead to a T shaped alley "down there on your left."

The End

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