Chapter IV

Why is it that apparently everyone has this stupid want for love? For the commoners of society, it does not affect me, but t’is truly maddening to watch truly great men fall to the dirt and disgrace all in the name of love. And, frankly, what is love? It is nothing more than an infatuation – an animalistic craving. It makes men feel like they are on top of the world, when they are actually falling from their position and into ridicule. In short, is nothing more than a venomous toxin that leaves one in such a dire position that they ought to be dead.


The town car slowed to a halt outside his father’s offices on Pall Mall. Jameson killed the engines and, with barely a second taken, opened the door for Christian.

The ascent up the steps to the entrance felt to Christian like he was walking the mile to his execution – even the doorman appeared hold an expression of slight sympathy on his face – the barefaced audacity! – as he nodded curtly and opened the grand mahogany and glass door.

As Christian entered the impressive building, he subconsciously straightened his body and mentally donned the mantle of contempt towards everyone in his peripheral vision. Stalking the centre line of the foyer heading towards the reception, the small packs of parasitical vulture-like people milling around with ‘purpose’ (what purpose could these people actually have in life) parting before him like the Red Sea for Moses, an act which attracted the attention of the unnaturally perfect receptionist.

He was instantly able to ascertain the exact moment of recognition on behalf of the receptionist – A mixed expression of fear, pity, loathing, and respect flashed across her face; gone in a nanosecond but remaining in her eyes where it resided, giving her the appearance of a rabbit cornered by the big bad wolf.

Regardless of this, Christian barely acknowledged her existence as he strode past her to the mahogany elevator doors. It would simply not be proper for him to be seen speaking to the staff, after all. He pressed the shiny brass button to summon the lift then stood back a step and waited for it to arrive. It arrived almost instantly, as if it knew who had summoned it, and the doors slid silently apart revealing a completely empty elevator. He stepped into it and selected the top floor as he turned around. Suddenly, no more than twenty-five metres away from him he saw a young man running towards the elevator with a huge stack of files and papers in his arms. Christian reached for the controls, his hand hovering over the >|< button. He knew that he ought to press it, and close the doors. It is what would be expected of him. However, he moved across and pressed the <|> button, keeping pressure on it until the young man arrived, which he shortly did. Said young man smiled gratefully and looked Christian straight in the eye as he did so. The whole exchange took mere seconds, but in that time Christian’s entirety changed.

A servant had just looked him in the eyes.

The doors slid silently shut, and Christian stole a glance at the young man.

The End

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