The Blakeridge Love Affair

The 21st century. A time in which a person can love any other that they choose, except for the upper echelons of society. The remnants of the aristocracy still cling on dearly to the traditions and etiquette of ages past.
This tale is of a young gentleman born into this class, and who harbours a love forbidden. Christian James Blake II embarks on a journey of emotion and discovery, love and pain, as his world is torn in two - should he follow his heart, or bow to his duty as sole heir to the Bl

I'll love you until the Earth is engulfed in the fiery rings of the expanding Sun. And after that, I'll love you in the dark, desolate, empty void that will replace everything.


Mondays. Such a sad day. Even the name suggests mourning. As was usual in his routine, Christian mused over deeply philosophical questions, of no actual bearing in his life, during breakfast in the Blue Room overlooking the North Lawn. He continued his train of thought whilst delicately eating his croissant, pausing momentarily to summon his butler to fetch him fresh coffee, which Winston (for that was his name) dutifully did. Winston had been with the Blake Family for as far back as Christian could remember.

As for Christian himself, he was a wiry young man of the age of 18. Extremely thin, of average height, with perfectly manicured nails, and hair that never once fell out of place, of a hot cinnamon colour. This was starkly contrasted by his vividly blue eyes that showed the warmth of a fire, and the dangerous cold of ice. This was, in fact, how The Times had recently described him in an article, 'Fire & Ice - Christian James Blake II, Heir to the Blake Estate'. Despite what his position in the socioeconomic ladder of Great Britain dictated, he appeared now, sat overlooking the vast expanse of his estate in his crisp white Calvin Klein boxer shorts, the same as any other 18 year old man.

The End

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