the enemiesMature

He watched her hurry down the streets like a woodland mouse. He watched her look behind herself every five minutes. The poor lad who had inadvertently been following her must have been thinking all sorts of thoughts. He didn't really care though, if anything, it was humorous.

As soon as she walked in her front door he stepped back from the window and looked around his surroundings. Abandoned buildings were five plus per street these days, makes it easy in hard times. Hard times, he thought. These are easy compared to... The nostalgic neuron stopped short. He heard a noise. Time to go.

Walking down the street he'd just been watching, he thought about all the little people in the world. The teenage boy who was behind his prey. Probably was scared himself. Probably was dreaming of closing his door behind him and sitting down to enjoy some recreational activity. What a mundane life!

The streets were cold and empty. He found a cafe three blocks down. He opened his laptop and composed an email.


Subject Six:

Location - Blackwoods Avenue

Notes:  Changed appearance

             Walking alone




He left it at that. He knew they didn't like all the informative nonsense. While sipping his fruit tea, he tried to imagine what subject six was up to right now. He wasn't even entirely sure why they had invested so much in her whereabouts. He guessed he knew one thing though. She was probably thinking about us as much as we were thinking about her.

The End

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