The Blackest YearsMature

The girl walked down the street. She was tall, skinny and pale. Her black hair looked messy. She didn´t care.

Somebody was watching her, she knew it. That guy in the green t-shirt had been around her for more than an hour now. He looked perfectly normal to outsiders: tall, blond, handsome, still a teenager probably. She had recognised him, though. She had seen him before, she just couldn´t remember where. Again she cursed herself for her bad memory. Being aware of the enemies was essential these days. 

Rae fastened her step, even though she wanted to keep up a normal impression. Normal, that was the key word. There used to be days in which Rae had been anything else but normal. She had been loud, aggressive, colourful, always in the center of attention. Good times, long gone...

She had been forced to change practically everything about her appearance; the only features left of the old Rae were her androgyneous figure and her tattoos, both of which she couldn´t just get rid of. They gave her comfort these days, reassurance that it was still her - that she was still Rae and not just a shadow of herself.

Was she afraid of that guy? She couldn´t tell. She was a bit nervous though. So far, she had never really felt fear, unlike most of her friends. Not because she was especially brave - she was just lucky. But with every day the threat was growing.

Only a couple of minutes until she would reach home or at least what she called her home now. She couldn´t prevent her heart from beating faster. He was still behind her. Again, she cursed. Why hadn´t she informed anyone? She wasn´t supposed to go out alone. It was ridiculous.

In the beginning, she hadn´t paid them much attention. True, these people had always been there, always signalled some threat. But never would she have imagined that they would come to power one day. Now they were. And she and her friends had been too late.

But it was too early to give up. Giving up was the last thing they would do.

The End

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