"Break it up, break it up." The leader of the vikings piped out. Every one went from being hyper to slowly getting back to the table. It didn't even take them a minuet to forget about her and begin making merry again. "come on lets go." The woman said grabbing my hand. I was dumbstruck on how well she kept herself in a fight. She opened the door and fell back. "AAAAAAAHHHHHH" she screamed. Right before the door was the conductor.

"Hehehe it is about time I find you. It was you who was leading my passenger into places he was not supposed to go. Im sure you know the destination of this train do you not? Heheheh Yaldabaoth will be very pleased with me for capturing you. And as for you." The gast said as he turned towards me. "You are to sit tight." he said guiding me out of the viking filled room and into a cart with only two peoples in it. He sat me down and left with the Woman. i tried to get up to help her but it was impossible. Like some kind of force was keeping me tied to the seat. "Crap what did i get myself into?" 

The End

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