A Wild Party

A loud cry came up and I Ran towards the sounds. I opened the door An beheld a Huge amount of Vikings cheering and drinking around a massive table. "Whats all this?" I ask. "They are heading for there version of heaven." The woman in red said right next to me. "But what about Heaven?" I ask. "Dont you think that in the massive cosmos there could be more than one paradise? Or torture for that matter." She finished looking rather sad.

A viking looked over at me and walked up to me. "Hey there Dalrum. What are you doing? Come and drink and do your ancestors proud." He said valiantly grabbing me and pulling me over to the table. I grinned and pulled up a pint of the good stuff. I had just realized, I was starving. Fourteen minuets later I was 100% drunk and had been talked into a drinking contest with one of the viking chieftains. I was on my 13th Drink and holding well once a fight broke out over in the corner. I jumped up and ran over to see what had happened. There were three vikings that were fighting over who would have the woman in red. A few minuets later the fight was over and there were three, well magled, viking bodies on the ground and a perfectly capable woman standing above them. "Who is next?" She said with a grin.

The End

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