The Whip and the Beast.

"Well it seems that it is not your time to go." I said chuckling. "But soon I'm sure." I finished. I left the train my bones clattering the whole way. I locked the door behind me and unlocked it again. I open the door to reveal the main engine room. I look behind me and stare at the two daemons quivering in there tracks at my figure. "Did I say to stop shoveling? No I did not so continue. We will need allot more energy if we are going to escape the spiritual barrier." I rasp angrily. They quickly return to there job of shoveling the pixies into the fire.

I enter the main engine room and the door locks behind me. I grab hold of the wheel and wait for my signal. The monolith Creature waves to me telling me that the unfortunate cargo is all off. I grip the handles of the wheel and funnel energy into the engine igniting the fire and pushing forward the great train. The wheel struggles in my hands as the soul of the train begins to gain its strength back. I pull the whip from my belt and hold it high. I hear the whistle of the beast scream in hate. I thrust my hand down forcing the spiked whip to crack making the beast train scream again and lurch forward with fury. We launch up and successfully cleared the barrier. "Next stop Valhalla." I say over the intercom.

The End

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