Tickets please (2/2) Hell

"No silly you aren't even dead. How could you be a trophy of his." The woman in red said. "B....but How I was stabbed." I healed you. You don't think that He is the only person capable of magic do you. You of all people should know, That what where ever there is darkness, that just means that there is light nearby." She said. "What?" I said out loud. She turned around and her dress fell of to reveal two large and impressive wings of white. "Go ahead and touch them." She said. I reached out and touched them.

"Then how does He not know you are here? Surely someone of your power would have been noticed by now." I said. It is very simple. He and I are the same person I am merely the embodyment of the goodness that was created to counteract him. And something of such dark power can not even fathom something of such great goodness. Much less see it. I chose you to ride this train and he unknowingly let you bord." She said. I looked at her wings and then she covered them in that stunning red dress. I was going to say something when the train stopped and a whistle blew. I ran to the window to see where we had docked. I could not describe the sight the only word that could even remotly come close would be the word, Hell. I looked towards the girl but she was not there. The door opened and out stepped Nehab. "Tickets please." He rattled. 

He came up to me and Oda stepped in after him. "Tickets please." He asked again. My body shook down to its core as I reached into my pocket. My entire body fell back when I felt a plastic piece inside. He smiled and pulled my hand out. "What?" He yelled stepping back. I looked at the piece of plastic. I stood there for a minuet and then two and then began to laugh. For in my hand I held my first poem I ever wrote on a lamentated piece of paper. Ironically it was named "Passing through."

The End

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