The great and the fallen

"Well where are we going friend?" I asked. The skeletal conductor chucked his whisping laugh. "We are going for hell." He finished. "What? Listen i do not think I belong there i mean i don't even have my ticket." I said reaching into my pocket. I felt a piece of plastic in my pocket. My entire world shot out of my mind as I looked down. There in my hand was my ticket. I felt weird. "Ah that must be the miasma catching up to you." The conductor rasped. I fell down and blacked out.

"Hello. Hello. Are you awake?" A womans voice said. I opened my eyes and saw the wonderful woman in red. "ah I think I just had a dream." Yes i was looking for you every where. Imagine my surprise when I found you on the table." She laughed. I looked around me and found that I was in the middle of the dinning cart table. I bent my head back and laughed. "Ah I really should not drink." "Hey do you want to see a really cool place on this cart?" She asked grabbing me pulling me into the next cart. "Are you giving me a choice." 

In the next cart there was Mr monopoly waiting at the far door. Upon reaching him he pulled out a ring of may keys. he locked the door in front of us and then unlocked it. I opened the door ans saw the coolest thing that i ever beheld. There in the next cart was people from all through history. To my right i saw Abraham Lincoln talking with George Washington and Alexader the great. The to my left i saw Hitler talking to Ghengis khan. Further down I saw others of unrivaled greatness. Atila the hun, Kenshin Uesugi, Thomas Jefferson, and even Moses. "Where are we?" I asked. "We are in His trophy room." Mr monopoly said smiling.

I was speechless

The End

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