Sleeping Beast

My entire body quivered and shook. I blacked out. 

I awoke in the conductors cart. I looked around and beheld the conductor. He was sitting at the the wheel. "What? A wheel?" I asked out loud. "Yes see it is quite difficult to turn and move with the normal controls of a train so we just use a ships wheel." He chuckled grabbing it. "Watch this." He demanded. He turned the wheel to the right and the train lunged to the right. He then proceded to grab and pull a lever down and the train flew up.

I had to grab something to hold on to but after a while i noticed that instead of falling back i just stood there. "This is amazing! If earth had this technology we would be capable of anything.'' I said. He just stood there and chuckled. "Hey kid hand me some of that miasma over there." he said. I looked around and found a pile of dark, thick, moving, fluid inside of a large barrel. I grabbed a cup and dipped it in the fluid. I pulled it out and to my suprise it was almost light as air. I handed the dripping cup to him and he drank it down without a second look at it. 

"That hit the spot!" He whistled. "So why are you here?" He asked. "I have a question about the woman in red." I said. "What woman in red?" He asked. "Well Oda said something about there being a hitch hiker but she seemed like she was here for a n awfully long while." I said. He stopped everything he was doing and looked at me. "We have a hitch hiker?" He smiled. At that moment i saw part of his face. He really was a skeleton. "Are you telling the truth because if you are she must really be something to not be seen by me." He said. "Yes i have. I have even talked to her." I said. "Well then Oda will take care of it." He said tuning the train to the right.

The End

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