An Odd Samuri

I was walking up the train looking for some one to talk to once I bumped into a samuri with dark purple armor with sharp horns all over it,  a pony tail collecting his black hair, and a blade inside of its sheath. "Who the hell do you think you are bumping into me? Do you know who I am?" He shot out. "Um a human." I said dumbly. "Wait a minute you can talk. SOCIAL ACTIVITY!" He shouted. He opened the door and becened me into the next cart. I gladly went in and sat down in the seat across the one he was sitting in.

"So what is your name?" He asked. "My name is Gary." I said. "And what is your name?" I asked. "Hahaha I am the all powerful Nobunaga Oda the devil king of the sixth heaven!" He laughed. "Wow that is a pretty long name. Mind if i call you Oda?" I asked. "No no not at all." He said. "Wait if you are the Nobunaga Oda that Was alive back then shouden't you be, like, unable to talk?" I asked. "well you see once i borded this train i was un-happy and I kind of fought the driver. And after I lost he asked me to protect the train from danger. And I accepted." He said.

"So you are the protector of the train?" I asked. "Yes I am." He said. "And I can not tell you how glad I am to finaly meat someone that can talk to me." He said a little exited now. "But what about the woman in red she talks." I said. "Who? We have not picked up someone in over 100 years now and we certainly have not picked up some woman in red." He said. "Oh well I was talking to her just yesterday, or was it a week ago, im not sure but I did talk to a woman in red." I said. "Well then we have a hitch hiker and we can't have one of those." He said standing up. Oda left the room.

"He is sooooo desperate for atention these days." A voice said behind me. I turned to see who was talking and it was a fat man in a black suit and white under shirt with a bowler hat. He sported a white mustache and a cain with a curved handle. "Mr Monopoly?" I asked. "Ha thats a good one." He chuckled. I don't know but for some reason it was good to be around laughter again. "Now young man I think it is time for you to go talk to the Conductor." He said smiling. He got up and disspersed into the air. "Odd" I said getting up and walking to the engine.

The End

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