Tickets please (1/2) heaven

I heard a the boom of the conductors footstep coming down the train and i ran out to meet him. "Hey where are we?" I asked him. "Is it not obvios, we are at heaven." He said. "So when do we depart?" Ignacy asked. "Well do you have a ticket?" The conductor Asked. "I believe so." I say reaching into my pocket. Nothing was there. "My ticket where did it go?" I think to myself.

"Remember you can not lose your ticket. No kidding it is physicaly impossible for you to. If you do not have it then that means that you are not ready to be here yet." The conductor said going on. I swear that he chuckled to himself but I can not be sure. 

I sadly head forward to see if i can find any one else to talk to other that a conductor and a creepy woman. "They can't ALL be weird." I say to myself.

The End

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