an interesting talk

Upon arriving at the caboos I viewed a plathora of foods inside of a very long cart. I Gasped at this view as if it was the last thing good ever to happen to me. I glared at the food and sat down. It was about five turkey legs, four salads, and eight cups of orange juice until I noticed that I was not alone. The woman in red that I sat down next to a while ago was across the table from me. She was just staring at me. I becoming aware of her just tried to ignore her. About half of a piece of pie later she spoke.

"So what are you doing on this train? You are not dead and you aren't one of the condemed and you certainly are not one of us regulars so what are you doing here?" She asked. "Honestly I do not know I was just standing in the snow on my planet thinking about how pathetic and worthless my life was and this train just crashed into the snow next to me. The this guy pops out and takes my ticket, which I am positive that I never had to begin with. And here i am."

"Interesting." She said. the rest of the time that i ate we were pretty much silent. "Ugh I am full. And now if you will escuse me I am leaving." I said.getting up. "That is perfectly ok I am sure we will be seeing allot more of each other." She said. "She is super creepy'' I thought to myself leaving the caboos.

The End

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