on time

After a while I kind of got hungry so I went to the front to find some. Upon entering the engine I see the conductor. "Hey is there somewhere we can get some food. We are friggin starving." I say. "Don't worry we are almost where we are trying to get." He rasped over the Sound of burning coal and chugging of wheels. "In the mean time there is some wine over there" He said pointing at a bottle on the chair. 

I get me a swig and place it in his hand of bones. He turns around and takes a long deep drink and then smashes the bottle in the furnace. "That ought to help it." He said wiping his hands on his cloths. "So where ARE we going." I ask again. Well we aren't going any where." He said. "But you said that we are almost where we are trying to get to." I said. "And we are. But you see if we are going to get anywhere we have to be going somewhere. And since we aren't specificly going anywhere we will get there faster if we go everywhere." He said chuckling.

"That does make sense, I guess, but if we aren't going anywhere then what if we have already gotten there?" I asked. "We aren't there yet. And here is my logic if we were there we would not be moving, instead we would be loading more suplies and such. but since we are still moving we obviosly are not there yet." He chuckled.

"Listen All I want is a little bit of food where is it?" I ask "It is in the caboos." he said I left without saying a word.

The End

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