The black train

An eternal ride on the phantom train. Just show your ticket to the conductor.

"Ticket please.'' The conductor asked. all you could see of him was his hands, which were bones, literally. His cloths were black with red horizontal stripes and a large hat that covered his face. He held a whip on his belt and a whistle around his neck. I gave him my ticket which I had sworn that I never had but it was right there in my hand. My name is Gary and i am 17 with no job, girlfriend, inheritance, motivation, or for that matter any reason to go on living. I have a blue shirt and jeans and some shoes but other than that I have nothing. 

He quickly takes the ticket and holds his ticked puncher to it. "Do you realize what you are doing?" He asks. "I am giving you my ticket so that I can get on bored." I said casually. "ha ha he he he keh keh keh." He cackles Just before he punches the ticket. "step abord." He tells me. I take my first step onto the trains steps and I feel like I just did something I should not have. The door opened for me and I stepped insid and sat down next to a woman in red. 

"Ok every one he he We are now departing. Destination unknown." The conductor Said just before leaving to the engine. Little did i know that this ride would be the biggest thing that ever happened to me in my entire miserable life.

The End

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