The Black Storm

    Getting away was the only thing i can think of. "RUN" my mind screamed. The sirens were bright which made the scene a bit more scarier then what I am used to. They were almost upon me. I can feel it. This may be the last day of my life. Images of my friends and families flashed before my very eyes. Suddenly, i saw it. My only chance of surviveing. A bit of hope filled my body as I sprinted towards the bright light. My fredom was staring at me waiting. "Almost there," I thought to myself. Then, a gunshot rang and the bullet hit me straight on my bruised arm. Itumbled down onto the hard, cold tile floor. They sneered at me evily as their brown eyes changed to dark red. "Silly girl. You thought that you can escape from us. Now, it's time to join your friends and family inside the spirit world". They dropped me dozens below the ground and watched me pummel to my doom. You may be thinking why i wanted to escape and who are "they"? How about we go back before the world was about to be blowen to bits and I was going to die. This all was about to happen because of silly mistake i did that led to diaster. I think it would be better if we go way back to the beggining of time. Not into B.C if thats what your thinking. 

The End

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