The room was dark and haunting. Moonlight cast a blue band over the two figures in the bed. The blankets shifted with their slow movements. Soft moans came from the back of their throats. Hands trailing each other's bodies, lips against bare skin. The man's hand brushed the young girl's hair from her eyes, he kissed her chin softly. Her lips parted in a light moan, she ran her fingers through his soft hair as he kissed her jawline.

               Just moments later, the sound of sirens broke the lovely silence. Dallas pulled away from her body. He looked out the window to see the flashing red, white, and blue lights. Looking back down at her, he wiped away her tears with his thumb and kissed her once more. He stood up and threw his tight black shirt on and mask. His head snapped to the door as a SWAT team burst in, their guns pointing at him. He waved an audios to them and leaps out the window and down two stories. Smashing into the hard ground, tumbling up onto his feet bolting to the street. The police demanded he stop but that just isn't in Dallas's dictionary.

       After getting into the sewer system, Dallas began to think what Raven would think about him getting away again. He smirked. Too bad the damn cops interrupted his night of pleasure, maybe he'll meet up with her later to finish what they started.

The End

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