Ms. Susan Bane

Susan scrambled around in her condo, trying to find something to wear. She had fifteen minutes to get dressed, drink a cup of coffee, and make it to work. Susan eventually gave up and just threw on some stuff that she thought looked good together. Which in reality, they did. A black suit jacket, a black skirt, a white blouse to go with the jacket, and a pair of flats. 

Susan ran downstairs and made herself a cup of coffee to go. With coffee in hand, Susan was out the door in a heartbeat. Through an elevator full of people, some of which smelled as if they hadn't bathed in years, a small traffic jam, and a woman walking out in front of her, Susan made it with three minutes to spare. But then again, Susan thought, this is the life of someone who lives in The Windy City. Susan loved it here. She had never been as excited as when she found out that she got the journalist position at Chicago Sun-Times. The daily Chicago paper. 

"So, you must be Ms. Susan Bane." Eric, her boss said to her in an intriguing tone.

"I am. The one and only too." Susan said in a uppity and cheery tone. 

"It is a pleasure to have you with us at the Sun-Times Ms. Bane. I am Eric, Eric Bashfield, otherwise known as, your boss." Eric said laughing.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mr. Bashfield." Susan said smiling.

"Here, let me show you to your office." Eric said assisting Susan to her office.

"I get my own office?" Susan said sounding astonished. 

"Of course. You will be working the Lillian Hinson story. I needed someone that I knew that could get the job done. After reading your blog, I know you can do it. Now, be warned, this isn't going to be an easy story. What we have confirmed with our sources are laying there on your desk. Good luck, and welcome aboard Susan." Eric said kissing Susan's cheek as he left her office.

Susan fell back into her desk chair and just smiled. This was her new life, and personally, she loved it.

The End

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