A Happy Little Life

Lillian heard her alarm go off at 6:30. Her hand, almost as if it were a habit smashed the snooze button. When she got out of bed, she noticed her husband wasn't there. Didn't surprise her. Her husband had a knack for not coming home at times. But frankly, Lillian was starting to get pissed. She thought it was his work. After all, working for the Chicago P.D. it could sometimes keep you from home. But this was the third day in a row. He came home though. Just not at the time Lillian would have liked. Lillian fixed her hair and then went downstairs. 

"Good morning sweetie." Justin said to Lillian as he kissed her gently on the cheek.

"Glad to see you could come home." Lillian said in an irritated tone. "Coffee?" 

"Yes please. Now Lillian, you know we're close to breaking this case wide open! So yes, there will be nights I have to stay late. Listen to me; would I ever cheat on you?" Justin said taking the cup of coffee from Lillian's hand.

"I guess you're right. It's just," Lillian stopped to take a sip of her coffee, "this is Chicago and I have lived here all my life so I know what happens when most husbands don't come home. But I guess since I trust you. Just, I don't like sleeping alone. Or being home alone during the night. You saw what happened to that poor girl. It's just Jenna and I when you're not home. I just want this case to be over with. That's all." Lillian said hugging her husband.

"I know. I want this case to be over with too. In a few weeks the case should finally be over with and I'll be home every night at six. Oh and to save you some trouble, I made you some eggs." Justin said smiling.

Lillian ate the eggs and went back upstairs to change into her outfit. Lillian, who was quite pleased with it, had just been recently promoted to a management position at Barnes&Noble. She had always dreamed of having a management position. Then again, that is what she went to college for. After changing, Lillian said goodbye to her family, hopped in her car, and started her thirty minute drive to work. 

In reality, Lillian had the perfect life. She lived a happy little life. She had a nice job, a nice house, and a wonderful and loving family. But in her eyes, she lived in hell. She had a husband that never came home and a daughter who most likely hated her, even though she doesn't. All her thoughts stem from one thing, and one thing only; perfection. Oh yes, Lillian was a perfectionist. It was no surprise that she would also have two books that made New York Bestseller list. Lillian had everything right in front of her, but she was too blind to see it all.

The End

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