Yet Another Blog Post

"So, here we sit yet again. For those that are reading my page, you would have known that I have been covering the Lillian Hinson scandal since day one. Many of you know that Lillian Hinson was recently arrested for the murder of her husband, Justin Hinson. Scandalous? I know. It's hard to believe that a woman with such potential would kill her husband. What drove her to put the five bullets in him and that woman? Could it be jealousy? No, couldn't possibly be jealousy. A woman like her can't get jealous. She was a high riding b**** that knew how to get things done. I mean, hell, she's written four bestsellers. Something had to have happened. Was her husband secretly beating her? Was there some sort of domestic dispute to where she just pulled out her handgun and shot him? No. Who am I kidding. Her husband was having an affair. We all know it. Simple enough when you think about it. You walk into your apartment after having a bad day at work and you find your husband banging another woman. As a woman, I ask; wouldn't you be pissed? I mean personally, I wouldn't go as far as to putting a bullet in my boyfriend's head. But of course I would be pissed. Well, it's getting late so I will finish up this blog post. Something happened in the Hinson house that we don't know. And I plan on figuring out what exactly happened that fateful night three years ago when Lillian Hinson shot her husband. But for now, this is yet another blog post."

Susan closed her laptop and slipped into her bed. She looked over to where Thomas' head used to lie. She hated sleeping alone. She hated all of this. Her blog destroyed her relationship and she knew it. But Susan was to headstrong to admit it. She desperately wanted  him back, but she didn't know how. So, she did what any smart woman would do; she sucked it up and came to terms with the fact of which she didn't need him. Susan was happy about where she was, and she wasn't going to let anything or anyone tell her otherwise. 

The End

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