The Black Rose

This is how it suppose to be for Brandie Rice-Coffey. She is on her honeymoon at one of the most exclusive Las Vegas strip hotels in the world. The Stratosphere Hotel and Tower is where everyone to go to go on their honeymoon. It was morning, and the sun rises in her face. She wakes up thinking it was all a dream that she married the most sexist man in the world. Darrell Coffey. The ultimate sex symbol. Even his beard could not hide his "pretty boy" face. She loved it. Even though he was going to shave it off, which make him even more attractive. He was a male supermodel that every girl loves to read about. Mr. July had his sleep in ever since he whisked her off her feet. Brandie was sure enough being thankful for that. But she realize that this isn't a dream. This is real. And that she is going to know that a marriage feels good. She felt his sexy back as the covers went half way up to his tight sexy butt. He finally wakes up and sees her about to get out of bed. 

"Hey!" he said with a smile on his face. "where are you going?"

Brandie couldn't speak sense he rise up and allowing her to see the full package. The big guns, the visible abs, the works. Darrell is a very attractive man with a face of an angel. 

"I'm just going to go to the bathroom and get cleaned up." Brandie smiled at him.

He rise from the bed and puts his arms around her. He kissed her and knew he wanted to spend the rest of the morning with her. he made her felt good about herself when she was struggling with her weight. Her best friend, Cristina Cortez(who is now married to Ric Krantz, a Swedish dj) have always encourages her to take care of herself, but always tell her how beautiful Brandie looked. Even at four hundred pounds. Brandie had the urge to lose weight, and won the battle of the budge. She got rid of her ghetto braids, and just stick with long straight weave. Jet black is a must to her. And of course after Cristina got married, she met Darrell. A bodybuilder with a beautiful ripped body and huge guns. He was there for her, and they fell in love. And then they are now newlyweds.

"You know I love you." Darrell said as he start kissing her around her neck. 

"Yes, I do." she responds.

The End

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