That night, I dreamt my usual dream, only this time was much longer than before. Different. Too familiar. 

Once again I was on that long island where the current was too strong down-river. Once, I had waded in and Anthony had to rescue me. The dream was of the most terrible time in my life.

Anthony stood beside me, smiling his smile as if it was not a dream; but I knew it was. But I would never end it, it was the only time I could see him properly. 

"Are you alright, Tess?" He laughed.

"Yes, you?"

"More than alright, what else." He gently nudged me and caught me before I fell over.

There were two other little girls playing by the downstream section of the little island; our island. Briefly I wondered how they had got there, it was a hard swim for me and I was twice their age. 

"Where does the time go?" Lazily, Anthony flopped down on the sand, his hands behind his head.

"If only we could do this forever." Sighing, I lay down beside him.

"Do you love me, Tess?" Lifting himself up onto one elbow, he flashed his white teeth at me, his green eyes glinting hopefully. 

"As a brother." I decided. It was true, Ant had always been like my brother, I had never seen him as anything more.

"Good." He leant back down, no hint of bitter disappointment in his voice.

Suddenly we heard someone scream and two girls yelling. Both of us looked up.

One girl had got herself caught up in the strong current and was being pulled away. Her friend went after her.

"No! Come back!" Anthony tried to shout but the second girl found herself trapped by the water.

"Ant!" I screamed as he leapt up.

We charged across the island, kicking up clouds of sand as we ran in our desperation. I reached the water first, but Anthony held me back.

"Stay here, Tess. I don't want you to get hurt." He said.

Usually that was where the dream stopped. Not this time

The End

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