The Black Owl


Chapter 1

Lyra looked out. No sign of Emily or Johny yet. She sighed. She’d live here at “Blackwood Bording School” for 4 years. Rarely going to see her parents who lived in London. This was a great big school in a very out there place in the countryside near Edinghbrough. She was 11 now. Her best friends were Emily and John. Emily was a smart 11 year old girl from Cardiff in wales. She had bright green eyes, freckles, and thick brunette hair. Johny was the oppisite. He was a dopey 12 year old from Belfast. He had dark black hair and blue eyes. Sometimes the girls couldn’t understand him. She smiled, they’d had some great times… Destorying Mrs.Sav’s office…Having a food fight….sitting under the old apple tree reading and eating the ice cream they’d secretly stolen from the cafeteria. Now they were both out on a school trip. It was to the island of man…but Lyra was terribly sea sick. It had been decided she had some sort of phobia of the sea. So she had to stay with her roomate, Becky, for the day. Becky was three years older than her, and very nice. She was from Belfast, and was also Johnys big sis. She looked like a female version of him. (A lot smarter though..) Becky was watching “Glee”. Lyra looked at it. A few weird kids were dancing around putting on a show. Lyra rolled her eyes. Her favourite show was “Country Files” and “Animal SOS” not some silly teenage stage show. She slopped down onto her bed and grabbed her “Ultimate Book Of British Wildlife”. Becky looked at her and giggled. “You read that every night! Ha ha I thought you’d of finished it by now! Its geeky anyway.” Lyra looked at her and snapped. “No! I haven’t finsished it yet! And its not geeky! Its animals! I’m 11 I don’t watch stupid 14 year old sing and dance!” Becky opened her eyes wide. “I was only joking! I don’t think you’re a geek honest!” Lyra looked at her feet. “And you hate Owls. There my faveourite animal. Does that make me a geek aswell?” “You know I got attacked by one of those dreadful things at night! But your not a geek!” Snapped Becky a little too harshly. Lyra looked right into her blue eyes. “You have pretty blue eyes and pretty black hair. I have silly brown eyes and silly light brown hair! That makes me a geek! You probbaly frightened that poor owl! With your stupied bling and gling! You probaly blinded it!” Becky kept her temper. “Your not a geek, not ugly ok? Your pretty. Plus no-body perfect!” And with that she stormed out. Lyra sat there, her eyes full with rage. She turned the channel to “Country Files” and grabbed a marker. She pulled Beckys “Glee Mag” out of her drawer and drew moustaches on the actors. She jumped onto her bed and cried into her pillow. She grabbed her toy owl. What have I done? There was a knock at the door. Through tears Lyra manged a “Yeah?”. “Its Aaron. Is Bex there?” Aaron was Beckys boyfriend. He called her Bex. He was born in Scotland, but rumours were that he was english. “No.” Lyra snapped. “Oh…are..are you ok?” Aaron asked. “Yes fine. Do you know when my class is back?” “Yeah, half an hour or so. See ya.” Lyra sat up and looked out of the window. Green hills were in the distance. A woods ran along them, separating the school from the city. The playground was all grass. In the middle was a fountin. Over in a corner was the Apple tree. Far to the distence, barely visable was Enindbrough castle, where her class probaly were by now. It wouldn’t be long. She looked at the clock. ‘2.00’ it read. The tree that stood outside her window blew in the wind. She gasped. Sitting In the tree, was a magnificent midnightblack owl! It stared at her, its black eyes had orange dots in the middle. In a flash, it was gone. Lyra blinked. Surely that was just a trick of the light…it wouldn’t come this owls aren’t black! Becky strolled in. “Aaron was looking for you.” Lyra said casuly. “Yeah I know. I’m avoiding him. He’s been seen flirting with Martina.” She snapped. Martina was a rich girl from Manchester. She had blonde hair and blue eyes. She was nice for a rich person. “Oh.”Lyra said looking out of the window. “Johny said something to me when we went to see our mother. He said he loved Blackwood. That his friends were kinder than mother. Peh, for him its probaly true.” Sighed Becky unexpectedly. There mum had been to court several times for drinking. There Dad had died when Johny was 2. So they had both been sent to Blackwood. Lyra couldn’t help feeling proud. “O-Oh! W-well…” Becky picked up her comic. “W-what! L-Lyra! W-why!” Lyra cried. “Sorry!” Becky ran over to Hooty the tawny owl. “I’ll rip it unless you hand me your pocket money so I can buy a new one!” Lyra grabbed Hooty. Hooty had been a going away gift from her mum and dad. She shakingly gave out her fiver. Becky snatched it. “Brat!” As she walked past she grabbed her old comic, throwing it in the bin. She turned and said horrible things to Lyra, things no-body would dare write in a book. Lyra shrugged and cried as Becky left. She crawled into bed, Hooty cuddling close. Then she herd the school bus pull in. They were home! She got up and looked out of the window. Her teacher, Miss. Lemons, (Not at all sour!) stepped out and the kids piled out, all holding goodie bags. She spotted Emily and Johny. Emily had two bags, which ment one of two things. That she’d got something for Lyra, or she had bought two. Lyra waited for the two to rush up. They sat down. “Hi!” Emily greeted. “Yo.” Johny sighed. Lyra smiled and told them about Becky. Johny got up. “How dare she! I’m going to speak with her!” He stormed out. Emily gasped. “Bad mood? Good thing we got this then.” Out of her pocket, she pulled a black owl carving on a piece of thin rope. “For you.” Lyra put it on. “I-its gorgeous! Thanks!” “Its nothing! Look what I bought!” She pulled out a carving of a fox on a thin rope and put it on. “Now were half twins!” She giggled. Lyra laughed. “What did Johny get?” “A badger one.” Giggled Emily. Lyra burst into laughter. “BADGER!”

The End

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