The Black Mystery

"Hurry up!" I shouted up the stairs to Anna, "Reuben sounded worried."  I was standing in the bright hallway of number twelve, where Anna and Jason, the Rimmer twins lived.

"Reuben, worried?" Jason peered round the living room his blonde fringe covering his hazel eyes.

"Strange, I know."  Reuben Black, my best friend was an unusually calm and collected person.  When he was young, his parents Elizabeth and Professor Jonathan Black were killed in a car crash.  Reuben's uncle, Arthur Black self-made millionaire, became his guardian.  Unfortunately, Mr. Black's career came before his nephew, so Reuben was brought up by the house keeper Miss Thomas.

When Anna was finally ready, we hastily made our way to Reuben's house.

"Do you think this skirt looks alright Indie, I mean it's not too short?"  Anna asked me flicking her glossy blonde hair.  She could be quite self-absorbent sometimes and it annoyed me.  I rolled my eyes at Jason.  He laughed. 

                After ten minutes we reached the Black mansion.  Its tall grey gates stood over us intimidating.  I nearly turned to run away but the thought of Reuben kept me standing there.  I pushed the gates and they creaked open.  We walked up the drive, the gravel crunching underneath us.  Reaching the door, we saw Miss Thomas standing there in the open hallway.  She smiled weakly at us.

"He's in the library."

                Reuben spent most of his free time in the library.  It was the only place he felt like he really belonged.

"Reuben?"  Anna shouted.

                There was a rustling of papers and out of nowhere appeared Reuben.  His black hair was uncombed and bags hung under his usually sparkling green eyes.

"Look at this," he said holding up a faded photograph.  I walked towards him and took the photograph out of his hands.  There were two people, a man and a woman, standing beside each other.  They looked happy and content.  In the background was a grand house with beautiful gardens.  It looked slightly like this house would have done in its golden days.

"It's my parents."

We were all sitting in the kitchen, round the old fashioned breakfast bar, each with a cup of tea.  I was looking at a photo of Reuben and me on his eleventh birthday four years ago.  We were sitting on the wall in my small back garden.  I hadn't changed at all.  Maybe I'd grown a bit but not much; still the smallest in our year.  My long, messy black hair, the same and my dull green eyes.  My boyish figure hadn't changed either which annoyed me greatly.  Reuben on the other hand looked like another person.  He had his big, geeky glasses, now replaced with contacts and his braces.  He also had a massive growth spurt the summer after that photo was taken.

                After we had found Reuben in the library, it took us a while to calm him down.  I now understand why Miss Thomas was so uneasy.  He was babbling on about a phone call from some mysterious person saying that his parents' death was a lie. The details weren't exactly clear. He then started searching through documents and photos.

                "So you're telling me, that you're parents didn't die?"  Jason asked confused scratching his head.

"Not exactly, just that they didn't die in a car crash."  Reuben explained.

"But how do you know that he's telling the truth?"  It was a valid question but Reuben didn't seem to think so.

"I just do alright!" he said annoyed.

"Indie's right, you don't even know who this dude is," Anna backed me up taking a sip of tea.  Reuben looked down at his feet like he wasn't telling us something.

"Reuben!" I shouted slamming my plain white mug down spilling tea on the stained wood worktop.  It wasn't the first time the worktop had been treated like this.  Recently, Reuben and I had been arguing a lot.  The twins said we were like an old married couple.  We seemed to be growing apart in the last few months.  Now, I think I know why.

"What?  Like you wouldn't.  I was curious."  He tried to defend himself.

"I warned you Reuben Black but you never listen do you?"  The ‘mysterious' person that called was the same lawyer that two years ago tried to turn Reuben against his uncle with some ridiculous story about how he made his money from the fraud market. 

"Okay, you two have just, like completely confused me," Anna looked between us.

"Yeah.  What's going on?"  Jason asked agreeing with his sister.

"Well, are you going to tell them?  No didn't think so," not bothering to wait for a reply.  I looked at the others, "You know Jon Davis, the so called lawyer from a couple of years ago?  He's the ‘mysterious' person on the phone."  They looked at Reuben eyes wide with shook.  "Exactly," I got up to and walked towards the door, "How could you be so stupid."  Reuben got up to follow me.

"I'll go," I heard Anna say as I stormed out.

The End

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