This book is about how Frankie Mumble is the transformation of.....well don't you want to know?
(closed collab)

The wind was howling, thunder was rumbling and lightning continuously flashed. There was no sign of the Moon, as it was obscured by the storm clouds. An unknown car pulled up out side the drive way, one of the back doors opened and a figure ran out and up to the front door. The figure rang the door bell, put something on the doorstep and ran back to the car. The car sped away before the front door was opened, a lady, in her early to mid 50's, stood in the doorway, she looked down when she heard the noise that was coming from the bundle on the door step. It was only when she bent down to pick it up she realised what it was. She picked up the bundle, shutting the door behind her, and carried it into the hallway; it was there that their eyes met for the first time. The bundle, which turned out to be a baby, had the bluest eyes she'd ever seen. There was a note pinned to the babes coat, she unpinned it, unfolded it and then read it. The note said, in a scrawl she recognised:


Dearest Mother, we have to leave the country and we think it’s in her best interest if Frankie stays with you. It would be unfair on her for us to take her with us, as we will have to move around a lot.We know she's in good hands with you lots of love your beloved son xx.

“Fuck sake! I don't need a baby in my life!” she said aloud.

She bounced down the stairs, wearing her brand new school uniform and her shiny new school shoes; she was bursting with excitement at her first day. Her breakfast was waiting for her on the kitchen table “Looking forward to your first day school then munchkin?” Grandma asked her. “YES!” she shouted in excitement

“Calm down OK, munchkin.” Grandma smiled as she replied.

“I'm sorry Grandma; I'm just excited that's all.” Frankie said through a massive grin on her face.

She started to eat the cooked breakfast that was in front of her, with quite some gusto. “Now don't get any food on your nice new uniform OK, we don't want it dirtied before you've even stepped through the school gates.” Frankie just looked up and smiled at her Grandma, tomato sauce and egg yolk dribbling down her chin. Grandma just smiled and wiped Frankie’s chin with a tissue. Grandma looked at the time, “Goodness, Hurry up munchkin or we'll be late.” Frankie wolfed down the rest of the food. They left the house in time, Frankie skipped down the road with a piece of toast in one hand and Grandmas hand in the other.


She stormed in through the front door, “Don't let the door slam, Frankie!” Grandma said, but Frankie ignored her and slammed it anyway. She could hear her granddaughter stomping up the stairs, heard her slam shut her bedroom door and then music, if that's what it’s called, and blaring from the stereo, typical teenagers she thought. She sighed, what's wrong now? she wondered, she stood at the bottom of the stairs, “Frankie darling what do you want for dinner?” she yelled. “Leave me alone!” came the reply. “DON'T YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT YOUNG LADY! I'M IN NO MOOD FOR YOU TEENAGE BULLSHIT! GET YOUR BACKSIDE DOWN HERE NOW AND TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT FOR DINNER!” Frankie came down stairs five minutes later tears and mascara staining her youthful face. “What have I told you about that shit?” “I know no make up at school” “So why are you wearing it?” “Cause the other girls do” “Frankie darling you're so pretty you don't need it just because the other girls do doesn't mean you do OK munchkin” “I'm sorry””So what do you want for dinner?” Frankie stood there silent for a few moments, thinking. “Fish and Chips”. “From the chippy?” Frankie nodded. She took hold of her precious granddaughter and hugged her, and then she kissed her on the fore head and then said “After dinner I want to know what that was about OK?” Frankie looked up at her Grandmother, for the past 14 years it had just been the two of them. Frankie’s eyes met her Grandmas, those big brown eyes, Frankie loved and respected her Grandma and she'd never lied to her. Frankie nodded still maintaining eye contact with those big brown eyes. She kissed her Grandma on the cheek and returned the hug “I love you Grandma” “I love you to Frankie”


The rain was pouring down, there were a few of Grandmas friends, Frankie and Aunt Ysebelle, Grandmas sister, stood around the open grave, as the coffin was lowered into it. The vicar was talking, but Frankie wasn't really listening. Her mind had wondered back to that day. Grandma had been killed by a drunk driver two days after her 16thbirthday, she'd gone to get Fish and Chips, she was crossing the road and as if out of nowhere a car appeared. It hit her and she rolled over the car and when she landed she hit her head hard on the road. Frankie heard the screeching of the tyres, then the sickening thud, that's when she ran outside and saw her beloved Grandma lying in the road, blood oozing from the head wound. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!” she screamed at the top of her voice. “You can't die, not now, not like this” she said kneeling down besides her Grandma and talking hold of the old lady's hand. A neighbour grabbed Frankie and pulled her away “You don't need to see your Gran like that sweetheart” she said. She could hear sirens in the distance, but she knew they were too late. The driver, after hitting Grandma, had crashed into a neighbour’s front garden; a couple of men had dragged him out of the car and were keeping hold of him till the Police arrived. Frankie walked up to him, she looked him up and down, he could hardly stand. She spat in his face, and then kneed him in the groin, then she grabbed a handful of hair and lifted his head up, she looked him in the eyes, they were grey and uncaring, she could smell the alcohol on his breath. “One day I'm gonna fucking kill you!” she said without any emotion, and never breaking eye contact.

Frankie sat in the corner by herself thinking, as Aunt Ysebelle conversed with a couple of Grandmas friends. Aunt Ysebelle had said Frankie could live with her, but Frankie didn't like Ysebelle, and she was sure the feelings were mutual. She saw the vicar moving towards her, she stood up, and before he could speak she said “Toilet.” She'd locked herself in the bathroom; she was staring at her reflection in the mirror, and then started crying. “Why, why did you take her?” she said aloud, she gazed at herself, mascara and tears staining her face, she stared into the mirror. She punched it, it felt good, so she did it again, blood trickled down her knuckles she hit the mirror a 3rdtime, and then someone started banging on the door. “Is everything alright in there?” a voice said from the other side. “Yes.” Frankie lied.


It had been two years since Grandma was killed, she'd spent one night at Aunt Ysebelles, and the next day she'd run away. Two years living on the streets, she was 18 now, her birthday came and went. She missed her Grandma, missed the bed time stories, sitting and eating Fish and Chips out of the paper in front of the TV. But most of all she missed those big brown eyes of hers. Frankie couldn't lie to her Grandma when she looked into those endless brown pools, it was like she was hypnotized. The past two years had been tough on Frankie, most nights she slept rough on the streets, occasionally she stayed in hostels and a couple of times she stayed in squats. In the last two years there had been four rape attempts on Frankie, but she'd learnt martial arts when she was younger so she managed to fight them off. Although she had now choice with one assailant and she had had to kill him, she stabbed him in throat with a pen knife that she had found. She maintained eye contact with him as he died; she stared into his green eyes and watched as the life flowed out of him, she could feel his warm blood oozing out of the wound in his neck and over her hand, which was clamped firmly round the pen knife. She felt no emotion at all as she watched her attackers life flow away in one brutal act, a life had been extinguished. As far as she was concerned she had no choice, she warned him, she told him she had a knife, and he continued his own damn fault as far as she was concerned. That was six months ago though and she had moved on, she was now looking for somewhere to crash. She was walking past a nightclub, when she noticed the side door had been wedged open. She approached the door and noticed a wheelie bin with the lid open, they must be cleaning she thought. She slunk into the club unseen. She managed to hide from the cleaners and when they had left she found a sofa in the club, she took out her sleeping bag, unrolled it, placed it on the sofa, climbed in and zipped it up and as soon as her head touched the arm rest she fell a sleep.

The End

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