The Black Fire Knights: Lucas's Story

This is the entirety of this story. There will be a sequel revolving around his sister, but what is posted here is all of Lucas's Story.

On the planet of Ernos, in the Pegasus galaxy, there is a great continent known as Infernastranos.  On this great continent is the nation of warrior mages known as The Black Fire Knights.  This is the story of one such knight. 


:The Black Fire Knights:

Lucas’s Story


He saw the axe swinging down towards his neck, and reached out with his hands trying to block it; but too late; the axe came down upon him and

”Hey, sleepy head, get your lazy butt in motion or else ma and pap are gonna kill us both!” A female face briefly flashed before his eyes for a moment, but then was gone, and Lucas awoke with a start, sitting up swiftly and almost smacking his little sister in the face.

“Whoa, hey there lukey, careful, you almost hit me, you big meany you!” Sara taunted him playfully, then hugged him around his neck, “Good morning big brother, you looked like you were having a bad dream.  What was it about tell me tell me tell me!!” Sara giggled and plopped down next to him in bed, poking his stomach lightly as he rubbed his eyes. 

“Aye, it was just some stupid dream, nothing to worry about sissy.” he grinned and hugged her back, then started tickling her mercilessly, making her squeal with laughter. 

“he he, no, stop it big brother, he he he he he,” Sara laughed loudly, tears streaming from her eyes; she was extremely ticklish. 

A booming bass voice came from down in the main house, “Lucas, Sara, are ye two awake?”

“Aye,” they both replied in unison.  Sara winked at Lucas, “Just you wait Lukey, I’m gonna get you back for that!”

They both rose from the bed and climbed down the ladder into the main living room.  Their mother and father were there waiting for them, both with stern looks on their faces. 

“What ‘er you two doin’ up thar’,” their father asked questioningly, “playin’ agin I dun’t doubt.  You two’ll never learn that ye need ta get yer work done afore you ken go about playin’ an’ whatnot.” They both hung their heads apologetically, sneaking a silent wink between themselves that their father didn’t notice. 

“Oh Khan no, I forgot, today’s the day for my final test to get into The Black Fire Knights Guard!” exclaimed Lucas, the look of humor completely disappearing from his eyes.  This was the most important day in any young adults life who planned on becoming a member of the warrior mage order know as The Black Fire Knights Guard. 

“Oi, watch yer mouth boy, but aye, oh Khan is roight, ye had bes’ get yerself prepared fer that test!” The boy’s father rushed to the chest next to the fireplace, a slight twinkle was in his eye as he opened the chest, and produced a glimmering crimson katana.  The katana sparkled in the Summer sun, it’s blood red blade polished to perfection.  The hilt was wrapped in a black Chain mail mesh, closely knit, and curling around the bottom of the blade to make a pointed outwards hand guard.  The blood channel was about half an inch wide and ran from the hand guard all the way up to the very point of the blade. 

He then produced an equally beautiful scabbard, which was scarred with sea charcoal to midnight black.  There was tiny writing in blood crimson alone the outer left side of the scabbard that read: This blade hast been staineth wist the blood of mine enemies; and withest this blade so goeth my soul, as my body may yet fail me; my soul; my blade; remaineth. 

The boy got down on one knee as his father handed the beautiful weapon to him, smiling, and with a tear trickling down his old battle scarred face.  “Dis blade hast served me well, son, an’ I’m sure it’ll do teh same fer ye as well.” Lucas took the blade and scabbard, buckling it around his waist.  He rose to his feet, holding the blade up to the light, admiring it’s beautiful craftsmanship.  He twirled it about expertly, then sheathed it into it’s scabbard with a flick of his wrist.  He took his father’s hand, then his father pulled him in for a giant bear hug.  Lucas wrapped his arms around his father’s back, squeezing him with all of his might, as his father did the same to him.  He drew back from his father, both whipping tears from their eyes.  He gave his mother a hug and kissed her goodbye, as both he and Sara walked out the front door. 

They both stood outside of the small house, not daring to look at each other.  They stood there for what seemed like ages until finally Sara poked his side lightly, and looked up at him.  “Well big brother; stop being such a mopey head and let’s get a move on.” She smiled at him, and he heaved a sigh of relief.  He took her hand inside of his and they both started walking away from their home, out towards the city walls. 

“Oops, sowwy big brother, I almost forgotted!” Sara ran around back of the house, and then came back out, holding a small bow and a large think long bow made from the branch of an ancient pelicium ((Like a pine)), although with two metal quivers of feather tipped arrows. 

“Thank you sissy.” He hung the bow and the quiver over his back, and helped her with hers.  He grasped her hand again, and they proceeded through the forest towards the city. 

They walked for several hours, stopping occasionally to pick greams ((Like cherries, only much larger.)) from trees to much on as they traveled.  All of a sudden, Lucas stopped.  Sara started to say something, then silently unslung her bow from around her back and fitted an arrow to the string as Lucas put a finger to his lips.  They both saw a something moving in the bushes about 3 Toyks ((Equal to approximately three meters, give or take.)) from where they were standing, and Lucas motioned for Sara to get back behind him, as he quickly unsheathed his katana, drawing it up to his face with the blade pointing outwards; moving his feel into a defensive stance. 

“Who’s there?” Lucas called out in a booming voice, surprising himself a little bit by the authority he had in his voice.  Nobody came out of the bushes.  Again he called; again nothing.  Finally, on the third time of calling, a Marca ((equal to a cross between a rabbit and a dog, in that it looks like a rabbit, but is as affectionate as a dog.)) crawled out of the bushes and proudly walked up to Sara, who sighed and bent down to pick the thing up. 

“Aww, what a cute little thi-” but she wasn’t able to finish that sentence as Lucas grabbed her and knocked her aside, the arrow that had been aimed for her skull grazed his left leg, making him stumble and let her go.  He quickly recovered as three more arrows shot at them and, pulling his sword from the ground, he chopped each into pieces.  Sara produced from her satchel around her waist a sling, and began hurling pointed stones in the direction of the arrows, making contact with a loud “THUD!”. 

“Oi, yer gonna have ta pay fer tat dearly pretty ‘ittle lass, an’ I’m gonna make shure that yeh do.”Four men dressed in black capes and hoods jumped down from the trees, three of them carrying tarnished metal cutlasses, the fourth, a giant battle axe. 

“Why don’t you just try and make her fehn, if you think you can get through me, that ‘tis.” Lucas stood defensively in front of his little sister, spitting the words out at the unwelcome foreigners who now stood before them.  Foreigners!  How had they managed to get this far into Infernastranos Lucas could not imagine, but, there was no time for wondering now, he thought, as one of the men jumped towards him, slamming his cutlass down towards his head.  Lucas easily parried the blow, side stepping to the right as the man regained his footing, but too regained it too late, as Sara came up behind him and cracked him in the head with her sling, causes him to collapse; dead before he hit the ground.  Seeing that they were not facing mere wandering children, the remaining two men rushed at Lucas, thrusting their cutlasses at him, while the fourth stood back and watched silent. 

Sara pulled out two small dirks that she had clipped to her legs, and lunged at one of the men, parrying his cutlass with one blade and and slashing upwards through the mans shirt with the other.  Lucas stabbed at the other man, narrowly missing the man’s heart.  At this action, the remaining warrior with the axe removed his, or rather; her; hood; and stood to face him.  It was her!  The woman from his dream! 

“What, but how did you”, but the woman ignore him, pulling her battle axe up, and charging towards him.  There wasn’t much he could do against a battle axe with his sword as far as parrying was concerned, but he swiftly stepped sideways as the woman slammed the axe down were his head would have been.  He backed up, finding his back pressed against Sara’s, as she fended off her two assailants. 

“Nothing quite like a midsummer stroll through the woods, eh, sissy?” He laughed heartily as he sidestepped another blow from the axe. 

“Oh, khan yes big brother,” Sara said, swiftly parrying both men’s thrusts and kicking one backwards.  Lucas spun around as the man Sara had knocked back got to his feet, and rose; straight into Lucas’s waiting blade.  Sara applauded him as she parried another blow from the remaining man, smoothly stabbing him in the arm as he lunged backwards.  Lucas dodged another blow from the axe, and thrust his sword deep into the woman’s arm, the blade going through and through, causing her to throw the axe up into the air and scream in pain.  She amazingly quickly recovered from the blow, kicking him and his sword backwards away from her, as she pulled out a long dagger from her side belt.  The remaining man lunged at Lucas’s back, stabbing him in the right shoulder blade, before Sara shoved both of her dirks into either of his sides, causing him to crumple to the ground in a bloody mess.  Lucas cried out in pain, causing him to drop his sword just as the woman jumped onto him, bringing her dagger down into his heart for a final death blow.  But, just as her dagger pierced the skin, Sara grabbed the katana, and kicked her backwards onto her back; then lunged, jumping high into the air; and slammed the katana directly through her chest, rib cage, heart, and into the ground. 


“Oh, thank god that that’s over with now!” Lucas exclaimed with a great sigh of relief.  He pried the sword from the dead woman’s carcass and wiped the blade on the grass. 

“Aye, no Khan!” Sara exclaimed, collapsing onto the grass.  The Marca came hopping proudly back over to her and climbed onto her chest, snuggling into her as she wrapped her arms around it. 

Lucas sheathed his sword and collapsed onto the ground as well.  He closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them... 

That’s when he saw it. 

“The Axe!” he cried, staring upwards, his arms stretched out, “I forgot about The Axe!”


The End

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