The Scouting Mission BeginsMature

Day 31

Slowly but surely Quincey lowered his stretchy rope into the depths of the black abyss of the undead, a dozen heads peered down to see how far down the rope would go. "Well it cleared fifty feet last time" Oliver said as his blue gaze trained on the rope as he flexed his fingers.

"It looks like it can go down damn far, let's say that much" Quincey summarised, as he checked the massive backpack on his back, ready to fill it with as much supplies as he possibly could (everyone else going down was also carrying such backpacks).  

"Okay we'll make as much noise as we can for you" Victoria said as she approached the barricade she looked back at the kids "C'mon children, make as much noise as you want!" Bradley and Rose looked excited at the prospect but Stan nearly scoffed "Why can't I go with Dad?" he moaned to his mother.

"Because it's too dangerous Stan" Stephanie told him curtly.

With the plan ready, Victoria began to use shout "HEY!" OVER HERE! HEY!" The effect was instant, hundreds of zombies pushed against each other as they fell and hissed and climbed over each other to try and get over the barricade which still stood firm even with the force of hundreds of bodies pressing against it.

"That barricade's starting to look rickety" Oliver said a nervous tone, if it did Camden didn't notice it. Or else he didn't want too notice it.  Either way he knew they were safer up here next to that firm barricade of unmoveable objects amassed together by so many materials it had to be about 10 foot thick. 

Whereas he was going down with the undead with no such shield. 

Camden, Delilah, Quincey, Oliver, Heather and Antonio were ready, each with heavy backpacks on their bags. The only weapons they had were their fists and a few kitchen knifes that they had managed to carry with them. There was a debate about who should have carried the lone pistol in the group.

The dusty weapon they found in the pocket of an old trench coat, in a closet a week back while Stan and Rose were exploring, with only 7 bullets, the old fashioned pistol had only one magazine of ammunition left. No need for reloading but only seven shots to spare. Antonio and Delilah both had the best aim, but considering Antonio was a carrier and would have other purposes it was agreed a more level headed Delilah could have the gun.

"Y'know I thought firearms were illegal in the UK" Stan thought aloud as Delilah readied her pistol.

"They are, whoever owned that coat must have been involved in some shady business" Delilah replied, "I wish I could go down there and help" Rose said as she gazed at her brother and her new friend Delilah, all ready to "travel" while she was stuck here.

"Hey" Quincey said bending down on one knee (he was copying what he saw Camden do with Bradley and it seemed quite effective at getting Rose to listen to him) "Me and Delilah are gonna be fine, I Promise you that".

"Are we still gonna get out of here one day?" Rose asked.

"Hell yeah we will, now stay here and make a lotta noise, it's what your best at little sis" Quincey mused before he stood tall again as Rose turned and begin screaming "STUPID HEADS! WHITE EYED FREAKS! UGLY PEOPLE! OVER HERE, COME OVER HERE!"

As she shouted, Camden noticed Oliver bent low and ruffling Stan's hair and giving Stephanie a quick kiss on the forehead "I'll be back hon, you just keep those things distracted" 

"Will do, just be careful" she warned of her husband who had already latched onto the rope with his two hands, looking down he muttered to the others "The horde's cleared, we should be able to move around down there" as he did he turned back to the rope and muttered to himself "Come on old man you still got it..." 

"I'll pray for you good friend, be safe" Ian told him as Oliver closed his eyes and flung himself at the rope, hugging it he slowly began to slip down the thing, until he stretched his legs out and his feet gripped the railings, he wiped his sweaty forehead with one hand and gripped the rope with the other.

"Get a good grip and then take it slowly" he instructed Delilah above him, as he slowly began to slide down the rope, Delilah followed him as she climbed onto the rope but descended more smoothly. The rope seemed sturdy as it was tied (professionally by Quincey who was a mountain climber) to one of the railings above. 

"Let's hope the power of your shoes is enough to deal with them" Came Bradley's small voice from next to him. Camden had completely forgotten about the first question Bradley had ever ever asked about why he wasn't wearing shoes and his following joke on the matter "It will be and If my shoes don't work than my socks will surely do the trick" 

They both laughed at Camden's words, however out of the corner of his eye Camden swore he could see Ian glaring at him. Ignoring that odd prickly feeling he got at the back of his neck, He bent down to face Bradley "Here, keep an eye on my cap kid" he muttered handing his token postman blue cap to Bradley.

"Why would you leave this with me!?" Bradley gasped alarmed holding the delicate item in his hands as he inspected it "Because you know I'll come back for it, so I'll definitely be back" these words reassured a previously pale Bradley who muttered a "Oh... Okay" with a bright smile. 

Quincey, Heather and Antonio were descending the rope as the combined shouts from above were enough to draw enough of the undead's attention, so they swarmed around the barricade, leaving the corridors below them empty. Grasping the rope, Camden flung himself from the safety of the top floor and down into the dangers below.

Using the railings to steady himself as he descended slowly, the backpack on his back weighing him down (they found all sorts of abandoned items in the flat, many personal items went untouched, but it still unnerved Camden to an extent how they was still a name tag to the bag he was holding. Someone known as "Ben" had previously owned this bag.

He wondered if "Ben" was a zombie he'd have to kill, having his bag haunted Camden a little more, he wanted the things he was about to kill to just be things. Not humans with names. 

He touched down with his "lucky" shoes onto a similar wooden floor to that of the top 3 floors, but the floor itself felt much colder here. Gazing around he could see the others altering the dead, the nearest stumbler was less than 10 feet away, "Don't approach any unless we have too" Oliver whispered as he gazed around this alien territory with wary eyes.

"Let's try here and let's move fast" Delilah suggested pointing to a dust coated grey door, grabbing the handle, she lifted her gun and quickly slammed her shoulder into the door, opening it. Raising her gun she prepared to fire, but to her relief none of the Black Dead lurked inside.

The shouting outside by the others had certainly gotten the dead's attention, "Alright, in here find what you can" Oliver instructed as he led his group into the dark depths of the room.

Gripping his knife tightly, his heart beating in his ears, Camden tried to remain calm and cool yet it was kicking in again, that survivalist instinct he had in him.

"Let's just get this over with" he thought too himself. 

The End

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