The PlanMature

Day 30

The full month had passed exactly since the apocalypse had exploded into full drive over the city of Delham and as far as anyone could tell most of the world (owing to the lack of rescue) by now the scavengers and the survivors in the city were getting ahead of the stumbling undead and sorting themselves out, by this point the shock and trauma of the apocalypse had faded like the fires that burned in several once fine buildings. Anyone still alive at this point now had to prepare for a long-hard life ahead of them.

In a certain flat, this rule also applied.

"This-is-it!?" Stephanie asked Victoria the colour from her peachy face draining as she observed the tiny amount of rations spread out on the kitchen table. All of the adults were also present around the table, with only Bradley, Stanley and Rose being left out of events.

"There's gotta be some more somewhere, I might be a fat arse, but I did not eat a whole damn truckload of food!" Heather explained hardly daring believe that a whole pile of food that looked like it could feed them for months had simply gone within the space of a month.

"I don't believe this, how long can this last?" he asked Victoria directly as she shook her head sadly "These are today's rations, we can feed about three people tomorrow and then that's it" She uttered as the group looked at each other in disbelief and dread, all their stomachs were growling, no one knew what to do or say.

Oliver felt all eyes starting to rest on him, he may have detested his position as a leader but he knew that now was the time to come up with a solution 

"Well that's that we'll have to find a way out of the apartment, everyone get ready to pack up we'll just have to see what we can scavenge in the city" Oliver instructed as he massaged his aching forehead. Knowing the problem with his statement so he didn't appreciate it when Quincey piped up "We can't exactly just walk outta here, do you know how many of those things are on the stairwell?"

"They've clogged the staircase up!" Heather yelled.

"Were stuck here, aren't we! Were gonna starve!"  Mariam began in a panicked tone as she clutched Sandy closer to her chest, as she rocked her daughter to try and make her comfortable admist the chaos and confusion. In his head an idea was formulating in Camden's mind, yet he bit his tongue no doubt if he suggested it, there would be trouble. 

"I could try and clear them off the staircase, push them over the rails" Antonio suggested babbling, as Quincey shook his head "Dude, I don't know if you've taken a look at yourself recently but last time you tried that you ended up with fucking scars for life and you lost a damn eye!" Quincey exclaimed.

"You think I don't know that!? But what other option do we have?!" Antonio yelled back at him, "They can't infect me, even if they do overwhelm me, then I might manage to clear the stairwell for you" he explained as Delilah sighed and spoke up before Quincey could.

"Antonio that is a mere self sacrifice, your death would not result in rescuing us all, bearing in mind there are other 30 floors of the black dead to get through and we don't know what's at the bottom!"  

Antonio didn't say a word but kept his face furrowed, showcasing his determination to go through with his insane plan despite the objections.  

"His right, it might not work and if that's the case if were with you, we'll die too" Stephanie said as she gazed at the table solemnly. "I don't like it either, but if we all grab weapons and hit them with all we have, it can't hurt to try" Antonio said as he stood up at the table puffing his chest outwards he said with pride "Besides we all know there is no other option"

That would have concluded this meeting as the group started to stand and would leave the room. Camden knew that plan wouldn't work, there were simply too many of them, not to mention he had once just about managed to get past a staircase of the dead.

He had to speak now, or else the group was doomed.

"Actually, I have another Idea" he said boldly, his voice made everyone slowly sink back to their seats as Antonio looked over at him from the other side of the kitchen "Well, what is it then?" he asked in awe.

"Quincey, you still have that rope on you, don't you?" Camden asked, Quincey gazed at him puzzled before he nodded "I hope you're not thinking what I'm thinking here Cam, because that's insane" Quincey told him as Camden readjusted the ever blue cap on his bald head (it had become his token item of clothing for him)  

"Listen, me and the others got from one flat to the other using that rope, why not use it again to..." he sighed, people weren't going to like this but he said it anyway "We could try and abseiling down the stairwell using the rope, we'd see how far down the rope would go before we tried Antonio's plan"

Everyone made gasping noise, Mariam disagreed instantly calling him "Mad" Quincey was rapidly shaking his head, but Camden spoke on through the disturbance "Look I had to sneak past a staircase full of those things when this thing started, I was silent and must have cleared ten floors" he explained.

"Seriously?" Antonio asked.

"Seriously" Camden replied.

"Was it more packed than this stairwell though?" Antonio quizzed.

"No there was still space to move around, the crowd on that staircase was thinner" Camden admitted. "But" he added as Antonio opened his mouth "We know their attracted to noise, so what if we make a distraction at the top of the flat to draw them upwards and we get lower there are less of those freaks there"

Oliver's smile told him he may have been onto something good.  

"Your bat shit crazy Camden, but hell for once that might actually help" Oliver told him gruffly.

"Thanks" Camden replied embarrassed at the compliment.

"I do agree Camden's onto something and we can use the rope, but we can use it to stay here longer" Delilah suggested as the group perked their ears at another new suggestion.

"I'm open to all ideas right now" Oliver told her warmly as she spoke "Well considering were not all in the physical peak to move on yet..." 

"You can call me a fatass Delilah I really don't take offense you know" Heather said, but Delilah ploughed on.

"...We can bide our time longer here, getting fitter and preparing for the black dead better, the food were looking for may be just out of reach" she said smiling.

"On the lower floors!" Quincey boomed as Delilah nodded.

"We need canned food though" Victoria instructed.

"There's gotta to be something down there" Delilah reassured her.

"Okay, so you're suggesting a scouting mission, a couple of us go down to the lower floors and grab what we can from them, while the rest of us..." he suddenly clicked his fingers together smiling "The rest of us can distract those fuckers from here! We can make a noise, they'll all be attracted to us at the barricade, leaving the others free to wonder around for a bit and grab everything they can!" Oliver summarised.

"So that's the plan?" Antonio asked.

"That's our plan now, rest easy folks, tomorrow we'll get to kick some zombie ass, whoever's coming with me down there better grab any weapon they can, were gonna need them" Oliver instructed,

"You're going down there!" Stephanie screeched at Oliver in horror.

"I need to lead these guys remember?" he asked as Stephanie began to pry him off going. As the room emptied Camden had to admit he was proud he had spoken up, not everyone agreed with him or his suggestions but now they had finally gotten somewhere.

They had a plan. 

The End

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