28 Days LaterMature

Day 20.

Days flew by with the exercising sessions, for 20 days food was a growing concern, yet something else had run out before that. Something vital to the group.

Well the men at least.

"I don't believe it" Quincey groaned as he burst into the bathroom that morning to find Oliver using the last of the shaving jel. Slapping it onto the bottom half of his jaw, he rubbed the turquoise foamy substance into his hairs and used an old rusty shaving blade to wipe the hairs from his jaw and upper lip.

"Sorry boys, that was the last of it" he mused happily as he washed his face with the water from the tap, the rest of the male's in the apartment had been watching him shave in envy as Quincey had kept prodding the growing blonde hairs on his chin, as the last of the foam disspeared down the sink-hole. He folded his arms over his chest,

"Big deal, I'll grow an epic beard anyway" he puffed.

"I heard Delilah likes clean shaven men, didn't you hear it too Antonio? She was telling Victoria about it last night" Camden teased, watching Quincey struggle internally was always hilarious for him, he turned to Camden with his eyebrow twitching "You're such a wind up merchant Cam my man" he said with a light facade.

"But seriously just answer this, would you screw her?" Stan asked who was watching from nearby "Son, don't go speaking like that till you're 18" Oliver told him dully, as he wiped his face. "Well, unfortunately the old rules don't apply" Stan said grinning from ear to ear, as Bradley gazed at him puzzled.

"What's that supposed to mean?" He asked.

"Bradley when you turn my age you'll discover sex and facial hair and you will become a man" Stan told him matter of factly as Oliver wiped his face with a green towel and turned around to face his son, "Stan you're still as baby faced as you were when you were in nappies so I don't know what you're talking about" Oliver said as the men in the room laughed loudly as Stan's expense. 

Stan kept his cool however, as the laughter died he ploughed on to Quincey "But would you screw her though? Because she is kinda fit..." 

"Stan, that's going to far" His father warned as his only son had spoken out of term, yet Quincey continued to ponder on the question.

"Nah" Quincey finally answered to the other guys. 

"My bullshit alarm just went off" Antonio said making a bleeping noise while moving his finger.

They could all see the growing attraction between the pair of them, Quincey could deny it all he wanted, but every other guy in the room knew it, even before Quincey knew it himself. 


"He is becoming increasingly vulgar and reckless" Ian was spitting to Oliver later.

"Yeah, I know his a growing lad, but I'm his dad you know? I don't want to see Stan get hurt, or speak like that with batting an eyelid" Oliver confessed his deepest fears to Ian who fed off it to his own advantage. 

"I worry about Bradley too, hence why I try and show him the way of the Lord, I think Camden, Quincey and Antonio are becoming bad influences on our boys" he concluded.

"The point is I get on with them, their nice guys, but..." Oliver trailed to a halt and sighed, Ian knew since his apology to Camden he had bonded once again with those Ian had despised. So prying Oliver away from them would take hard work but he was willing to do it. If it got Camden away from Bradley that was all that mattered.

"... I just wish they would keep it too themselves sometimes and not get Stan involved" Oliver eventually got out. "Well he has to grow up sometime, but In a world where humanity is easily lost, we have to work harder than ever to preserve our own" Ian muttered softly as he gazed out of the window to see the city sprawled below him.

Oliver placed all his trust in Ian and his wise words.

Unknowing that he was a religious maniac, who had long since lost the humanity he preached about.


Day 21

Rose's 11th birthday.

The party was identical to Stan's, expect Antonio ate his own cake this time, everyone was happy. Rose was wearing her favourite pop goes the weasel coat, which she played on a loop to annoy Stan. While he and Bradley slaved over her cake, helped by Victoria.

"Hear's your present" Quincey said as he handed Rose two Ice axes, that he had gained from his last trek in the Alps. She swung them around as they slashed through the air "You can be a little explorer with those" he smiled as Rose hugged her brother "THERE AMAZING! She exclaimed in excitement as she played with them.

"Just be careful with those and try not to take anyone's eye out" Stephanie warned.

"Okay, Okay" Rose responded not listening to a word as she continued to try and dance around "I'm a ninja with these! Don't you think Bradley!?" she asked of him as she mock swiped at him. He seems to stand stiffly and wore an awkward smile, "I dunno you might hurt someone with those" he warned her cautiously.

"I won't hurt anyone! Hear you can have one and we'll duel!" she shouted.

"We'll hurt each other!" Bradley said alarmed as he held the ice axe in his tremor turning fingers.

"Were not really going to stab each other, it's just pretend, c'mon Bradley It will be fun!" she said as she drew her pickaxe to him to Bradley's surprise it was a harmless bit of fun he grew to like these people more and more everyday.

"And I found my old rope in your room Ian" Quincey said smiling as he held the long thing in his fingers "Funny, I never knew it was there" Ian said clenching his teeth together. Bradley smiled, for once his father wasn't going to beat him with that damn rope.

It felt good.

Everything was jolly and happy, only Victoria knew that the fuel behind this happy night (the food) was reducing at an alarming rate, especially after Rose's large cake that day.


Day 28.

The food had run out so fast.

The End

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