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For the next couple of days Camden kept a low profile and his tongue clipped, he kept by Bradley's side until Bradley told his father that he was feeling better and was able to move around the flat once again. (His wounds still ached but he had learnt to deal with pain a long time ago) so he walked very normally.

"You know, I'm concerned about you kid you keep falling Ill like this" Camden told him on the 14th day. Bradley couldn't believe how much had happened in merely two weeks, he had barely seen any zombies yet his head was still reeling from the arguments and new friends he had found himself with.

"Why are you so concerned about me?" Bradley wanted to scream at Camden, although he gained the answer a week back when Camden confessed to Bradley that he was a lot like Bradley when he was eleven. Bradley knew that they had just "clicked" instantly, Camden wasn't a man of much words but his actions had ways of speaking louder volumes.

Back into the present Bradley merely shrugged at Camden's suggestion "I Just do" He said simply, trying to cover for his father's abuse, Camden only gazed at him further until he finally followed up with "Well, maybe we could toughen you up" he suggested.

"What?" Bradley boomed confused.

"What I'm saying is you don't look too healthy" to demonstrate this he lifted one of Bradley's bony arms into the air, Bradley felt the bruises on them throb but he clenched his teeth together to avoid crying out in pain, as Camden's hands wrapped around his own arm. "You're too skinny, you need to eat and maybe we can beef you up too"

"You want me to eat beef?!" Bradley asked alarmed, thinking that Camden was going to force the meat he hated down his throat, at the suggestion Camden laughed, his chucking echoing down the narrow corridors. Finally he wiped his eyes and muttered "You're funny sometimes" he told Bradley.

"Then, what does beef up mean?"  Bradley asked, he had never heard the phrase before, his father spoke gospel to him and his schoolmates spoke to sneer him, Camden's eyes widened "You don't know what it means?" he asked in disbelief.


"Well, it's basically bulking you up, giving you some muscle" Camden explained.

"Oh" Bradley said, his eyes drooping, a sad look spreading across his face as he felt ashamed of his skinny, weak body. Then again he was a demon in a human body, he deserved it as father told him. His father would feed him, but never a lot. As Bradley thoughts lingered, Camden noticed how glum he looked.

"Don't worry you're not the only one who needs beefing up" He reassured him, as he gestured at this own skinny frame, Bradley smiled at him at this feeling like he was not alone.

If only Camden knew or could help him about his "demon".


Day 15.

Antonio had been lingering on the edge of the group his head hung low. No words from his mouth. Ashamed to the very core, so when he heard a knock on his door he jumped up in surprise, he opened it to find Quincey standing there.

For a full minute no of them spoke, Antonio finally had to break through the tension bursting it out all at once "Ididn'tmeantoo, GodI'msorryforwhat...!" He was stopped as Quincey slapped him across the face, he blinked in surprise as the slap stung.

"Snap out of it, you think I'd accept that apology?" he asked sharply as Antonio's face sunk, thinking Quincey wanted a fight with him. Yet as Antonio braced himself for any type of blow, Quincey let out a wicked grin "I've already forgiven you bro, now get that sappy fucking look of your face and stop mulling around the damn place!" Quincey commanded.

Antonio looked up, barely daring to believe it.

"I don't deserve this" he finally uttered

"Well you're having it, so deal with it, there's an exercise class going on and you're invited" Quincey ordered again with his strict tone, with this Antonio seemed to finally find his resolve "You're... forgiving me?" he dared to ask.

"I forgave you ages ago, just stop mulling around the place feeling damn sorry for yourself"

This was too much, Antonio felt a warm feeling in the pit of his stomach as silent white hot tears slid down his cheek from his one eye. He flung himself at Quincey crushing him in a brotherly hug "Thank you" he croaked, it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from his shoulders now that he knew he had been forgiven.

"Don't make this mushy and keep your damn fluids too yourself bullfighter" Quincey replied yet he was smiling too. He guessed Delilah was right, apologising with Antonio had helped clear the air and made him feel better, it was nice to have friends at your side.

"Sure thing Quen-Cay" Antonio teased.


"How zombie preparation lessons turned into an exercise class I'll never know" Heather droned on to Mariam who was flexing as Antonio (being the most physically fit person there) was leading them through an array of push-up's, sit up's, jogging, star-jumping and whatever else made Heather ache and sweat. 

"When I told Stephanie, she came up with the idea" Mariam panted at her, as they were now star-jumping

"Yeah-but-that's-only-because-Oliver-wants-lose-weight" Heather panted, the leader was sweating right through his clothes as he struggled to keep up with Antonio who was barking at everyone to move faster. "But think about it, the fitter we are, the stronger we are we can fend off those stumblers and run from them for longer with more stamina if need be" Mariam explained.

Heather had to agree, in her head of course, right now her head felt dizzy and she wanted to collapse back into her bed. Losing the amount of weight on her was going to take more than a couple of weeks and she knew that.


The exercise class became a daily routine after the first one on day 15. Not only did it take up two chunks of the day (Morning and evening) but it left everyone feeling fulfilled and happy that they were doing something other than bickering or arguing amongst each other, even if the consequence of the sessions was a freezing shower.  

Because Antonio had led the group, his past status as a snitch had been forgotten as this new activity seemed a hell of a lot more fun and rewarding. He and Quincey became closer once again, as Bradley and Camden also bonded further through the exhausting sessions. Everyone (other than Sandy) would be up and active.

Some days they almost forgot the dead were even there.

The End

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