Having Your BackMature

"It was you" Oliver said curiously knowing this was probably a cover up for Quincey, Camden gulped as he felt all eyes rest on him. "Yeah, it was me" he said clearly. He knew if he started to doubt himself that would show so he had to be assertive, he couldn't let Quincey (or more importantly) Bradley take the fall for this.

"May I ask how you started this then?" Stephanie asked sharply.

"Well, I suggested it and started playing it. Quincey liked the look of it and he joined and told some people, you found out, you didn't like it and thought we'd all stopped. But I thought I'd keep it going without you guys knowing to avoid trouble and heck here we all are!" Camden said as Oliver's face turned purple in fury.

Camden couldn't stop himself there was a strange amusement in taunting Oliver. "Stan came up to me and I introduced him to this game, guided him through it too" Camden was smiling now.

Nobody moved.

"Is this true Stan?" Oliver asked of his only son.

"Go with it" Camden begged in his head hoping the telepathic message would reach Stan's skull, fixing him with a pleading look Stan looked at Camden and then back at his father. He lowered his head.

"Yeah it's true" he mumbled.

"Say that louder and look in my eye when you speak" Oliver commanded.

"It's true!" He exclaimed with aggression evident in his tone as he stared his father dead in the eye.

"Ian's right, Stan has been altered by these people" Oliver thought in his head, as he turned back to Camden. The man had the nerve to smirk at him! Anger coursed through his veins as his vision turned red...

"You-Goddamn- PSYCHOPATH!" Oliver spat in Camden's face following these imploded words of hatred, as Camden stumbled backwards, Oliver swung a heavy fist at Camden's spit drenched face was further damaged by his large knuckles. The first hit had so much force behind it that one of Camden teeth flew from his mouth as he fell to the floor.

There were several gasps, a resounding "FUCK!" From Stan who just wanted the endless fighting to stop, Oliver raised another fist as Camden tried to hold his feeble palm up against him for protection.

"Oliver, that's enough you've made your point" Stephanie said curtly.

Her brutish like husband dropped his fist as he stood over Camden heaving, his blue eyes an icy shade of grey as he looked down on Camden's form. The postman's mouth was bleeding, he could already see a large red mark on his jaw that would no doubt swell.

Oliver had left his mark.

"Stay away from my son and remember I'm only doing what's best to lead these group" Oliver muttered.

Heather scoffed loudly at his words, Oliver heard this and stood tall.

"Do you all think I'm that inadequate as a leader?" he asked of the group, no one answered he grew more frustrated as he bellowed "THEN WHY THE HELL DID YOU VOTE ME LEADER THEN!? HUH!?"

No one answered for a long time, until finally Victoria spoke up.

"Because the Oliver I knew would laugh in the face of these things, he wouldn't drag his son away from a harmless game. I don't who or what has come over you Oliver, but you are not the man I first knew"

She stood rigid facing him as he bristled slightly. Delilah helped Camden to his feet, the postman was still dazed by the force of the punch as he gingerly poked his aching jaw and wiped the blood from his face. "I have changed Vic, I have to adapt, Look I know it's tough to come to terms with but were in a tough world now and we-have-to-change-to-survive!"  

There was more silence following statement, Oliver sighed and straightened up "Think about that" he advised before he put an arm around Stephanie and walked back through the door "C'mon Stan!" He yelled, Stan looked hesitant for a second before Victoria said "Go with them, their your parents" with this he ran to catch up with them.

"You caused all this!" Heather spat as soon as Stan left, at Antonio who stood concealed in the shadows, "I... I didn't know..." Antonio babbled instantly on the defense. 

"You are a disgrace, you are clearly no friend of our's!" Ian bellowed to him, causing the Spanish man to become rooted to the spot in his shame. Ian looked around and barked "Bradley! Come on son, I reckon it's time for bed!" 

Bradley passed a beaten up Camden as he walked towards his father, "You didn't have to do that" he said looking up at him and his bloody gory mouth. He had grown used to black blood, but red blood always alarmed and disgusted him "Don't worry about it" Camden muttered, his voice funny from the pounding he took.

Bradley was about to turn to his father before Camden bent down and whispered in his ear "It was brave but stupid kid, you weren't getting the blame for that. So don't you dare blame yourself because it was my choice. Understand?"

Bradley nodded, before his father led him into the dark night. He started crying before he reached his room.

Knowing that he was going to get a beating anyhow.

Camden's noble choice had been for nothing after all.  

The End

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