The RingleaderMature

Antonio was in the middle of a series of push up's when he heard a click, Oliver unlocked his door from the outside and stepped inside.

"Hey" He said entering, Antonio became very aware of the salty sweat that had soaked through his thin layers of clothing. Wiping his forehead nervously he dropped to the floor and muttered shyly "Hi" Oliver only nodded in response his eyes locked on the young man.

"What do you want?" Antonio eventually asked, as Oliver's bright blue eyes wouldn't leave his form, he was slowly cracking under the pressure of being observed. Eventually Oliver said "Stand up", Antonio did as he was told, panting slightly he froze when Oliver approached him and wiped a layer of sweat from his forehead.

"So, one drop of this is all it takes to infect me, huh?" his face dangerously close to Antonio's as he waved his chubby fingers in the teenager's face. Antonio nodded slowly knowing full well Oliver would chuck him out or kill him now he held his breath however, praying it would pass.

"Well you seem like a bright young lad, you wouldn't infect anyone here because you'd have no where to go" Oliver eventually said, Antonio tried hard not to believe what he had just heard, but it was failing as hope was rising in his chest like a balloon. As he hoped Oliver continued "Look I messed up yesterday dude, you can be handled we know about you now, we can handle you" 

Antonio was smiling.

"We can let you out, you can be amongst us, rather than cramped in this shithole all day" Oliver said lightly.

Antonio was beaming.

"On one condition" Oliver added sharply

Antonio was frowning.

"I was expecting a catch" Antonio responded miserably, yet as he imagined the worst possible scenario's in his head before Oliver spoke "The others, I know their hiding something from me and Steph and we need to know. I know you know where they've all vanished too and I want answers"

Antonio gulped, he knew the group would be playing their little game, it would harmless, sure they (Oliver and Stephanie) might have been a bit pissed off that Stan was playing it as well, but really it couldn't do any harm. Besides better to show them they were just playing a stupid game than doing something worse that Oliver was imanging

Yet he felt like a grass when he opened his mouth and said "Their by the staircase, you know that game where they threw nails into the zombies mouth?

Oliver nodded.

"We didn't stop playing that after you guys had a go at Quincey..." 


It was well into the night and the zombie nail throwing game was at it's peak, Delilah and Camden were on nine and everyone was crowded around them cheering for one of them to win. Camden was aiming at one black void of a mouth directly below him, no one saw Oliver or Stephanie approach, that was until Oliver finally snarled "Having fun are we?"

Gasps all round, Camden whipped around to see Oliver and Stephanie glaring directly at him, he opened his mouth to speak...

"Save it we know already, we know everything about this game" Oliver barked as he glanced around disgusted at everyone present. "Well do you wanna play then? If you've got sour grapes about being left than were sorry, but seriously you should play you'll love it"  Heather remarked from the sidelines, seemingly unfazed unlike everyone else.

"We'll pass" Oliver said.

"Look I don't see what the problem is, it's just something to pass the time" Delilah said.

"Pass-The-Time" Stephanie said, the volcano was about to erupt and Stan knew it "Look mum don't freak out, it's not dangerous!" He yelled desperately.

"NOT DANGEROUS!" She erupted as her voice travelled down the dizzying chasm of stairs "You could have fallen over the edge! You could have been grabbed by the barricade! You could have..." she paused as placed her head in her hands "And you didn't even tell us you were playing this Stan..." she seemed to be sobbing.

Stan was speechless as his gut twisted in guilt.

"How did you find out!?" Mariam asked to break the tension between the Mitchell's. 

Oliver brought Antonio forward, he stood like the coward he was, shrinking in everyone's glares "They said they'd let me go If I told them, and... and... I didn't think it was cause this much trouble!" he blurted out.

"Typical silmeball, we stick up for you, save your life and this is how were repaid" Heather snapped as Antonio shrunk into the shadows feeling even worse about himself than he had done before. "There's a mob mentality to this, hiding and playing like were on a playground, aren't we all adults and didn't we agree to end this game weeks back and yet you carry it on under our noses!?" Oliver demanded of the group.

No one responded, he paced up and down as he did Ian "arrived" at the scene "What's going on here?" he responded in feigned innocence looking around with wide eyes "I heard shouting is there a problem Oliver?" he asked. Knowing full well he and Oliver had rehearsed this.

"Yes Ian, there is your son has been manipulated by the adults, along with my own son to play this... this... game..." he explained to game to an appalled looking Ian who put his hands on his hips "Bradley, why didn't you tell me about this!?" he demanded as Bradley gaze found the floor.

"I just...forgot" he responded knowing full well a beating would come out of this.

"You know folks we need to settle this here and now, I can't punish the group but I say we need to watch the ringleader, whoever thought starting this up again would be a good idea..." Oliver shook his head "So who started this?" he asked of the group, no one answered they all looked at each nervously.

"It was Quincey wasn't it?" he predicted correctly as he did Delilah (on instinct) muttered "No, it wasn't him, I swear it" as she made this lie to cover for Quincey. Rose also spoke up "It wasn't my brother!" she yelled.

"Then who was it?" Oliver asked.

Rose hit a brick wall in her argument, she couldn't lie but she couldn't blame anyone else either. "Where is he?" Stephanie asked looking at the group seeing that Quincey was absent. "He is in his room and what do you propose to do with the ringleader?" Delilah asked.

"Knock some sense into em" Oliver muttered darkly.

A silence hovered over the group once more before finally Oliver sighed "Okay I get it, no one here is a tell-tale, but I need an answer in 5 seconds folks or else, it's Quincey" Oliver said simply.


"NO!" Rose roared


Bradley thought about it, father would beat him later anyway, he had to take one for the team, he wanted to protect them.


Camden turned to Bradley to see him opening his mouth and striding forward "Not on my watch" he thought.


"It was me!" Camden said clearly and confidently stepping in front of a shocked Bradley.  

The End

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