The Snitch and The ShardsMature

"You've got to eat" Rose said timidly pushing the plate full of Roast pork towards her older brother who sat sullen on the edge of his bed. His hair was wild, his face hollow and sharp, his eyes not their usual misty grey but a more polluted, gravel like, dirty grey. When Quincey was in these moods to Rose his whole appearance changed.  

"Victoria says you have to eat" 

"Victoria doesn't know shit about what I want" Quincey muttered darkly.

Rose was upset by Quincey's insult towards her new found elderly friend but she tried hard to keep her tears down. Ever since this whole thing had started she had instructed herself not to cry, she had to be tough, not just for Quincey but for everyone else, her older brother kept everyone smiling with his optimism, she had to do the same, she wanted to help. 

"But..." Rose began shoving the plate towards him, hoping he would see sense.

He didn't, instead he snapped.

"I'M NOT FUCKING HUNGRY!" He roared, standing up he snatched up the white plate and threw it across the room, it shattered into a hundred white shards when it hit the wall. Rose whimpered in terror, as the shards bounced across the floor, the roast pork lying on the floor forgotten.

Quincey trained his gaze on his terrified sister, he was panting heavily Rose remembered seeing him like this when he had killed her parents. That black gaze, that demented vein popping beet red face, the wild white hair, she thought for a second he would harm her as well.

Quincey glared at his sister, his gut twisted when he realised her eyes were glassy as she struggled to hold in her tears. He had scared her, "Jesus Christ what the hell have I done" he thought, his face softened slightly as his worried frown became evident upon his freckled face.

"Oh God Rose I'm s..."

He never finished his apology, as Delilah burst in "I thought I heard..." she began, she then saw Rose's stood rigid and terrified form and Quincey standing over her, still red faced. The plate shattered on the floor was the final nail in the coffin for Quincey. As his apology froze on his lips as Delilah's green eyes observed everything in the room.

Finally she muttered "Rose, go play with Stan, me and your brother need to talk"

"Okay" Rose sniffed after a short silence, she trudged out of the room, her head hung low, as Quincey stared on feeling ashamed of himself, squirming in discomfort at what he had done. As soon as Rose was out of earshot down the hallway Delilah slammed the door shut, a look of anger on her face.

"You need to pull yourself together" She snapped instantly.

"I'm trying! I know I shouldn't have lost my cool with Rose... it's just..."  

"It's just?" Delilah said raising a thin eyebrow 

"It's just..." he sighed "Let's just face facts, I'm a fucking shit and everyone hates me, all because I tried to do something right..." he raged

"You did something reckless and stupid and what's annoying everyone is that for one you didn't tell them and two you are refusing to accept responsibility for what could have been Stan's death" she told him simply.

"I am fucking taking responsibility, I fucked up, I can accept that!" He roared

"Then tell everyone that, rather than shutting yourself in your room, speaking to no one" she said.  He knew she was speaking common sense, but he could very stubborn when he had to be. "I don't want to talk to people who hate me, they won't let me explain myself..." 

"Stop acting so childish!" She said finally losing her temper for the first time, at this Quincey stood in awe as she raged on "Just accept you fucked up! Swallow your fucking pride and make amends, we don't have any time for anymore drama! And I know you're better than this!" 

Upon this she scooped up the shards from the floor (and the food knowing that none could be wasted) Quincey just looked at his bare toes lost in thought, however before Delilah left she said back to him "Please get your shit together" before closing the door.

However only one thought ran through Quincey's head. One horrifying thought, one that had changed his life, his whole outlook on life.

"Delilah just swore" he thought.

Well, at least he knew he had something to joke about in the near future. 


"It's just makes me queasy looking down Camden, I can't do this" 

"Just close your eyes and throw one then, Vic" Camden said, "Vic" being Victoria's new nickname we showed how close the group were getting, Camden had "Cam" usually "Cam the Man" or "Cam, Cam My Postman" (Quincey's invention) today, the group stood huddled around the staircase and were introducing Victoria to the game.

Victoria was sickened by the site of how many dead there were on the staircase and ever more so the height. "It's like looking down the seven circles of hell" She said her lip quivering as she closed her eyes "I can't believe I'm doing this" she muttered. "I thought that the first time too, it's actually quite amusing once you get used to it" Mariam told her as Sandy gurgled happily in her arms "Yeah, besides chucking stuff at them is satisfying for me" Heather said laying back on the staircase as she sighed "If only we get something heavier though..." she thought.

With this Victoria threw the nail, she heard it vibrate as it fell down the shaft as it bounced off the rails "It didn't hit did it?" she said opening one eye as she looked below her "It was miles off" Camden informed her sadly as she sighed "Well I'm an old girl, my balance isn't at my best" she mumbled sadly.

"C'mon Vic!" Stan exclaimed as he sprung up from where he was watching her, yesterday's argument on his birthday did not seemed to have bothered him all that much, despite the fact his friend Antonio was now absent from the game. Camden personally believed Stan was putting on a very brave mask.

"Even Bradley can do it and that's saying something" He told her as Bradley turned to Stan "Why say even Bradley, I'm better than this than you" he said smugly forgetting the beating that was awaiting him. Right now he was lost in the joy's of this group and the game.  "How so, are you better?" Victoria asked curiously before Stan could intervene.
"Well you do this..."

Camden smiled to himself as Bradley taught Victoria how to position her body to throw one of these nails. "He learns from the master" Delilah told him as she stepped next to him, "So how's Quincey anyway?" he asked, he rather missed the man's usual banter.

"After last night, still grouchy but I am sure he'll recover sooner or later, still he snapped at Rose" she explained as she looked over to the smiling girl. "Sometimes I wonder how they keep smiling through all of this" she muttered sadly staring at Rose who was talking away to Stan. As if she hadn't been yelled at hours before.

"Stan, Rose and Bradley, their kids Delilah I think that's their coping mechanism to deal with this" he told her.

The game continued, unaware that had been found out. A glowering Oliver and Stephanie watched from nearby, Ian was the snitch. 

"See how they have changed your boy?" he asked of them.

"Yeah, I thought they'd finished with this damn game the last time we brought it up" Oliver growled, ready to pounce.

"They have our children and their doing this to them!? Even Victoria is in on it!" Stephanie hissed loudly in rage. Ian smiled as he stood up "Well I will continue to spy on them for you, so much so as I am not named and shamed" Ian told them. "Consider it done, you're a good friend Ian you're the only one who will stand by me" Oliver told him earnestly. 

"Mushy, weak minded, oaf" Ian thought harshly however on the outside he smiled thinly "I thank you dearly Oliver"

"But the group's is going to know you're the snitch when we go in there gun's blazing" Stephanie told him as Ian laughed "Relax, I thought about that there is a certain Spanish Man who will trade the trust of his friends for freedom no doubt..." 

Stephanie didn't like what he was suggesting, the risk of having a carrier out and about could be dangerous. But what was more dangerous was not having a solid spy to keep an eye on their son, to keep her son safe.

Especially when he was playing a game like this...

"That sounds like a plan" she eventually said as her husband agreed.

Ian truly was the devil in disguise. 

From everyone, other than his own son. 

The End

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