The Devil InsideMature

The tenth day had dawned over Delham City.

The city was as silent as a stone, It was late January when the infection had first begun, now at the tenth day the beginning of February had arrived. The fluctuating weather in Delham from sun and clear blue skies, to fits of thunderstorms reflected the atmosphere inside a Flat within the city. 

While the city was deathly silent, the little hub at the top of the high rise flat still bustled with the lives of fourteen souls. However not all of them were so lively and jolly that morning especially one already Infected.

"Here" Victoria said kindly.

She slid the contents of Antonio's breakfast under a built in flap at the bottom of his door. They were lucky it was there for them because as far as she could tell the group was lacking DIY Skills. Oliver was an office worker, Camden a postman, Quincey an artist and a traveller, Delilah a reporter, Stephanie a housewife, Antonio himself a mere uni student, Mariam a housewife as well, Heather another student and the three kids. She, herself was retired.

"Thanks" Antonio muttered sourly.

From inside his room he slumped by the door, his room tiny and he was confined to it all day and night, he had his flap so food could be delivered to him and a working toilet in an on suite bathroom, but he was confined to a room 4 meters high and 9 meters wide twenty four/seven.

As he nibbled down his breakfast he wondered what on earth had possessed him that this was a good alternative, he was already bored out of his wits and had a feeling he would go insane in this tiny room. Wiping away a loose strand of curly black hair that fell by his singular eye he promised himself that this was better.

"You could be dead, you ungrateful fucking Idiot" he could hear Quincey snarl in his head.

He and Quincey hadn't spoken since last night. He may have defended Antonio but didn't come to visit him after the argument as Delilah, Bradley, Camden and many others had. Antonio realised he acted shamelessly in the argument, by trying to shift all the blame on Quincey when all that man had tried to do, was help him.

Antonio sat there feeling like crap. Ashamed of himself for how he had reacted finally seeing himself for who he was. A coward. Plain and simple, not even his speech to Ian seemed to lift his spirits as he looked back on it. He was a dirty, stinking, carrier and he felt as tainted as detestable person than he did as an infected one. 

Outside his room, Victoria wondered thoughtfully no one in the group knew any DIY. None of them were policemen, Firemen, or worked in the military, or had any survival skills or any way to emotionally prepare or deal with the effects of a large scale disaster they were ill prepared and sheltered from the Black Dead.

"We'll either die of starvation, or we'll be slaughtered by the stumblers" she whispered to herself staring at the burning city, if they had been slaughtered then there was no doubt a group like there's, especially her, an old woman could stand a chance against those hordes. As she thought about it she thought about the seemingly absurd and rash actions Oliver and Stephanie were making, as bad as they seemed, were they right?

Ian had backed them up, but she was wary of Ian brown nosing them and wary of him in general. 

Still, the more she thought about it the more she seemed to agree with couple. The hard decisions had to be made if they were going to prepare for what this (no doubt) cruel new world had to offer.



"Hi Camden" 

Bradley sat down for dinner that dusk his father like his shadow, the way he trailed behind his son like a lost puppy made Camden very uncomfortable, something about Bradley's posture and lack of eye contact didn't seem right.

"Glad to back with your dad?" Camden didn't dare try and challenge Ian, but his tone wasn't that light either. Ian picked up on the bubbling hostility as Bradley nodded. 

"Bradley, when someone's talking to you, you answer" Ian said gently, he knew that bald headed retard would get suspicious because Bradley wasn't acting so "chummy" all of a sudden and more like the useless, tainted demon he was. As always Bradley obeyed his father and said "Yeah, it's been great"  He didn't sound so jolly however, his tone was more of a sad mumble.

Ian saw Camden's face crumple in doubt, he fixated his son with his coldest glare. Bradley knew exactly what this meant, he had to cover up his image, he didn't want Camden to know about the demon. He didn't want Camden to die he really liked and looked up to the odd postman.

"We had a great time and we played loads of games and all! I'm glad everything's been sorted!" He exclaimed in a much more forced, jolly tone. Ian observed Camden's face closely although it un-crumpled as the postman relaxed, his eyes still betrayed his inner emotions the flickers of doubt were evident within them.

"Well that's great Bradley" at this he leant across the table and whispered " So, you wanna go play that Nail throwing game again? Delilah's said she was all for it, of course that's if you approve Ian..." 

"Yeah! I'd love to!" Bradley exclaimed before he thought. Only then did he catch his father's soulless black eyes trained on him. Bradley was silent as he realised that his shouting was only going to result in another beating. He was a demon, he was being selfish, he didn't get to have or like anything. His opinions were invalid.   

"Yes, I approve" Ian said his voice as still and as cold as the streets below. 

Camden smirked as he sat back and began to chat away to Heather, he didn't notice Ian's glare as Bradley sat stiffly, trying hard not to flinch or cry out as the wounds on his back had reopened and his scarf covered his latest round of bruises on his neck. Ian was silently fuming.

How dare Camden try and take his son from him.

How dare he address that demon child the way he did.

Bradley was his, his to cure, his to make perfect, his own son. Not Camden's, that man was jealous, that was all. They did say Jealously was a green eyed monster and Ian had found out why. He already had plans to get rid of that interfering nuisance of a man, as he was seated close to Oliver. Oliver, the leader, Oliver who trusted him.

Oliver, who would become his puppet.

Oliver, who would throw Camden out by force if need be.

"And the devil did grin, for his darling sin is pride that apes humility"

The End

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