Carrying A BurdenMature

"Victoria, escort Stan, Rose and Bradley from the room we need to talk here" Stephanie said coldly. Camden realised she had learnt from her last mistake of having an all out brawl in front of the kids would leave them frightened and upset for days afterwards.

Stan stood up slowly as Victoria began to shuffle the pair of them out of the room, Stan was in shock and didn't have anything to say to protest and Rose was simply terrified and wanted out of the room. As Victoria got to the door she turned back into the room "C'mon Bradley" she coaxed softly.

"I'm not going anywhere" Bradley said firmly.

There was shock all round, Ian's eyes nearly popped out of his head upon hearing this and Camden (who was standing next too Bradley bent down and one knee and muttered to him "Bradley... you don't have to stay" 

"I want too" He replied back simply "Isn't that what you taught me?" he added a new dark look in his eyes causing Camden's watery globes to clench open a few more centimeters "It is Bradley, but you know there's gonna be a big argument" he said simply.

"I've already been in one" Bradley pointed out.

"Victoria, I don't want him to see this" Camden pleaded of her, Ian quickly interjected a "Yes, I agree with Camden on the matter" however Victoria didn't look at him, her brown iris' were locked on Camden as she finally muttered "I'm sorry Camden, but Bradley's made his own decision, you have to respect that"

"VIC...!" Camden exclaimed before she slammed the door shut, a new wave of anger crashed over him at the elderly woman. Bradley didn't not need to see this, yet right in front of him the boy's black globes were boring into the squirming figure of Antonio.

The second the door had closed, Antonio lost his wits completely he pointed a shaking finger at Quincey "HE KNEW!" He bellowed "HE KNEW! HE DIDN'T TELL YOU EITHER...!" 

"Yes I figured, considering he didn't let Stan have that cake" Stephanie said coldly once again, the air was getting to heavy for Camden's liking the tension rising to levels that made his skin break with sweat. "You fucking grass!" Quincey snapped as Antonio flinched at his insult. Yet it harder to tell who was redder out of the pair of them right now.

Oliver bloated like a frog, Camden knew what was coming but didn't cover his ears fast enough.


Oliver had shouted so loud that the sound waves still made Camden's bones vibrate as he shook. Bradley stood as still as a statue to Camden's awe. 

"I THOUGHT I COULD HANDLE IT! AND DON'T CALL ME A FUCKING IDIOT I ALLOWED ANTONIO A CHANCE TO LIVE! UNLIKE YOU TWO MASS MURDERS!" Quincey bellowed back his pale face now so red it looked as though he had been sunburned.






They were trading harsh, bellowed insults at each other that cut down to the bone, both Oliver and Quincey as red as can be. Camden was frightened both of them had that power in their bellows that expressed their underlying hatred for each other into a vocalised scream.

Yet Stephanie was silent which was even more unnerving.

When Oliver ran out of steam for a few seconds, it was then she spoke up "Considering what happened were chucking Antonio out without a doubt" She spoke clearly, as Quincey let out a sort of hysterical laugh "Well I expected nothing better from you!" he laughed as mirth spilled from his mouth, he was losing it.

"Please! I'll lock myself in my room and I won't come out!" Antonio begged as the transparent tears leaked from his eyes, he knew his quest was hopeless sure enough when Stephanie rounded on him he knew full well he finished "The-nerve-of-you!" she breathed the words, each one getting louder as Antonio stood rigid. She approached him as Camden himself tensed up.


"Maybe he didn't know he was infected" Delilah said flying to rescue.

"Then tell me this Delilah honey, why the fuck was he wearing a mask!?" Stephanie snapped. Delilah could draw upon no answer so Stephanie turned back to Antonio "You knew we'd see those wounds, you knew we'd figure it out, didn't you?" she raised her eyebrow.

Antonio nodded but before he could bury himself in another round of pleading Stephanie had already cut him off "So we have a walking time bomb with us and our village idiot here thinks he can handle it, nearly killing my son in the process" she summarised.

"What the hell is your problem with me? I was trying to do what was right!" He shouted to no avail.

"You just wanted to play the hero, that's it isn't it?" Heather of all people asked, Quincey let out a snort "Oh great so now everyone turns on me, thanks a bunch Heather you're all for saving Bradley but when it's my ass, or Antonio's..." he paused there glaring at her.

"I agree it was reckless, but..." Mariam began.

"But?" Stephanie stressed.

Mariam sighed and dropped her head so she faced the ground realising she'd get no answer "So Mariam and Heather agree we should kick Quincey out..." at this put Mariam muttered "No I didn't" and Heather coughed "Excuse me, but I simply said Quincey was an idiot I didn't say we should kick out Antonio, we should just lock him up" 

Antonio smiled at her, as she smirked back. Stephanie made a disapproving grunt as she turned on Delilah "I expect you're on your boyfriend's side" she snapped. Delilah did not rise to the bait, nor did she let the almost childish taunt arouse any anger she simply muttered "Yes I am, and he is not my boyfriend".

"Typical, just what I expected from you" She snarled, "Have none of you actually got any balls to make the right choice!" Oliver bellowed to seemingly no one. Only one small voice replied "I agree with Oliver on the matter" It was Ian.

Camden gawked at him as he explained himself "I couldn't stand up for my son last time and I felt so ashamed of myself afterwards, please bear in mind that Antonio is a carrier, so kicking him out, what can the infected do? Bite him? He can't turn, it's the safest thing for us all"

"Safest thing!" Quincey snapped as he gestured wildly at Antonio "Look at his face dude! Those Zombies don't just bite!" He argued. "I'm sure if Antonio was quiet he would be unharmed" Ian snapped

"I was quiet" Antonio spoke now in a strong voice as he stood up straight.

"I already knew they responded to noise, I was already bitten when I tried to sneak through that horde, but being quiet, it doesn't work I don't know how but they can still sense your there it must have been the smell..." he sighed as Camden wondered wildly, he had snuck past the horde and he was quiet? So how did he do it?

Then again Carl was with him, so maybe he had covered something up in his memory of that experience.

Antonio's voice brought him back into the present "...When that woman scratched me, I felt my own eyeball slide down my face..." his single eye was grim now as his heavy eyebrows furrowed downwards into an angry expression "The pain... All I could remember was the pain and stumbling wildly away..." his single eye locked on Ian.

"So don't you dare fucking tell me that I'd be fine with them! I'd die, it's as simple as, I may be immune from the infection, but I'm not Immune from death" he summarised.

Ian looked like he had hit a brick wall, as his mouth stood agape like a fish, Stephanie bristled as she said to him "Well, were not immune to death either, so that's why were voting to kick you out for our safety, do you understand?" Stephanie asked albeit more calmly.

"I understand, but I'd much rather be a prisoner than dead" Antonio said.

"Camden?" Oliver asked with a hint of pleading in his voice.

"You know whose side I'm on, I don't vote for friends to die" Camden said as Antonio beamed at him, it seemed like his fate was sealed. But one person still needed to speak up and so he did...

"If we want to get out of the flat, Antonio can take a bite for us if need be, he'll prove useful to us" Bradley said, no longer the nervous stuttering voice, but a calm and calculated one.

"Fine then, it's sorted, your funerals if you chose wrong" Oliver said storming from the room, Stephanie followed in his haste.

Camden felt fear bubbling in him although Antonio went up to thank Bradley and the room seemed to relax as Ian took his son back to his own room, Camden felt as though he had lost the boy he had grown to care about and that the cold and calculated one who had murdered his mother had returned to his father.

Back to where he started.  

The End

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