A Judgement of CharacterMature

Antonio was once again cautious at dinner, his mind overfilling with worries on what one drop of his fluids could do to the group. Yet locking himself in his room all day, he had learned a lot more English and was now able to understand the majority of conversations across the table. Understanding the meaning of the words tumbling from their lips gave Antonio a much better analysis on each person.

He knew Quincey inside out due to the fact they shared their little "secret" he had a natural humorous flare to him that made him appear more handsome than he actually was and he did have the best intentions for people at heart. However when faced with such a situation like Antonio's he took on things himself. He may have thought he was being selfless but too Antonio it was border-lining arrogance. He seemed keen to "Play the hero" 

Delilah was a kind woman he could tell, she just hid behind cleverly plucked words and a mastered pokerface, however once you started to melt that exterior she was very warm and level headed person. Antonio had yet to decipher anything fishy about her. 

Victoria was the forced mother figure of the group due to her age, he could tell behind her warm brown eyes she was analysing everybody just as he was right now. Her defense of Bradley was very passionate, yet that one flaw was that she seemed too passionate to defend what she thought was right. She could have disregarded her own life in the process.

Rose was a typical bubbly ten year old, who hid her terror behind a cheery face.

Stan was born prankster, his mind filled with thoughts of jokes (and as he grew older no doubt) women. He was a typical Jack The Lad and therefore easy to analyse as he had no dark ulterior motive behind his actions, he merely wanted to make people laugh. (As Antonio had discovered at his expense) 

Bradley was a lot more complex, the boy seemed timid and yet this clashed horribly with what he had done (murdering his mother) Antonio couldn't be certain whether or not the shy boy now regretted his actions or was now coldly and calmly planning his next move. His body language spoke volumes as it was usually positioned defensively, yet he seemed rather vague when he spoke. So what was he protecting If he was so vague? 

Ian seemed to talk a lot, but his words never matched his stiff smile or cold eyes, judging by the complete mystery of Bradley's character, Antonio reckoned Ian had something to do with it (did Bradley really kill his mother?) however Ian's charisma kept people from getting suspicious (well most people) yet behind this religious figure Antonio wasn't too sure about his true nature, as he could clearly observe his stale laughs were a false front.

Mariam was protective of her daughter and would do anything to protect her, yet she didn't usually think about the consequences of her actions.

Heather put on a very laid back, bored persona yet her uncertainty and low self esteem bubbled to the surface, along with her fear which was natural considering she was only a teenager and dealing with this "end of world" scenario.

Oliver was interesting because he seemed to be a jolly Jack the Lad like his son, yet he had the responsibility of being leader of the group. His sudden temper was frightening to many yet Antonio knew that under the pressure of leadership he simply let his temper take control and make the decision for him (albeit poor decisions)  

Stephanie was a lot like Mariam, protective of her family to the extreme, yet there was something Stephanie was a lot more blunt and didn't regret her actions, if she did she only showed it through a formal apology and not a blubbering statement (like Mariam) she may have been a bossy cow to many, but she was a strong woman and knew what to do in this situation. 

And finally there was Camden. There was little to no doubt there was something "wrong" with him to put it nicely, his jerk like body movements, constantly flickering eyes and quiet wispy tone made him an uncomfortable figure to be around. Like Victoria he knew Camden could be stupidly overprotective of those he cared about (getting punched by Oliver, staying with Bradley the whole day) yet beneath that nervous wreck of a man, Antonio could see a dim determination awakening in him. 

And then there was the biggest mystery of all, himself.

He didn't know what he was like, he knew he was quiet and simply "The Spanish Guy" he hadn't really reacted like Stephanie, Victoria or Camden so he wasn't that big of a personality he knew that. Yet he feared he would find out more about himself if his little secret came out. How would he react then?

Would he be passive? Frightened as he was when Quincey comforted him? Or actually brave? Or maybe worse.

He ate his dinner in silence, his one eye absorbing the personalties around him, yet he shielded his own with his mask. 


Dinner finished with a clutter of plates in the still working sink, as Stan jumped into his bed eager for tomorrow to start so he could turn fourteen already. He wasn't expecting toys or game console he had outgrown those things (added to the fact it was a zombie apocalypse) yet he was still childishly excited because something had to happen to him tomorrow. 

He was right about that.

The night passed slowly as Quincey tried to sleep, Delilah got up the middle of the night and tried to sneak off somewhere if Quincey thought she was being sneaky she had another thing coming. No one could pretend he was asleep better than he could, after swooping down to check on his peaceful sleeping sister he departed from the room.

And sure enough he found Delilah sitting in front of the barricade. 

"You have a fetish for the spot don't you?" Quincey said simply plopping down next to her as the watched the Black Dead hiss from the other side of the barricade.

She didn't jump, or react however she did ask "What are you doing up at this time?" 

"I could ask you the same" 

She sighed, as she turned to him and then back to the dead. Would that be Quincey eventually? Would that be Heather? Mariam? Camden? Bradley? Rose? Stan? Antonio? All the people she came to care about would they end up just like Philip and her mother, as hissing lumps of rotting meat? An impossible thought but one she had to make in the world of impossible things.

In all honesty she had come hear to be alone, to mull over the past once again but as she looked at Quincey's persistent face she realised if she kept this to herself forever, she would be living in the past forever. She had to move on.

"I had an affair with a married man before all this" she stated sadly.

Quincey's eyes nearly popped out of his head.

"What?" he asked even though he had heard her clearly, her voice rose over the hisses of the dead.

"Philip... he worked at BBC with me" she sighed sadly as she looked down to the metal stairs and remembered retelling her story "He always took a shine to me, he was a really handsome guy, buckets of charisma, successful, God he was everything and he took a shine to bland, uninteresting little me"

Tears were welling in her eyes as she spoke on, yet she felt like she had too.

"When people started getting sick, he... he said he wanted me to come to Delham with him to help cover this massive new story. It finally seemed like my big break, I was so elated with him that..." she sobbed heavily "I knew he had a wife, she wasn't one of those stereotypical bitches that ain't good enough for there husband that every girl wants... no she was sweet, pretty, successful herself" tears were leaking from Delilah's eyes now.

"It just happened, it was a spur of the moment thing yet even when I thought about his wife I didn't care, it was the best moment of my life being with him..." she sobbed harder at this as Quincey comforted her.  

The End

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