Learning A Little MoreMature

"So this ain't stopping anytime soon?" 

Quincey leant against the railing of the staircase his legs spread out in front of him, Delilah sat stiffly a few stairs in front of him her neck bent to face him as they spoke on. Quincey managed to coax her out of crying.

And now he was coaxing some answers from her.

"No, this will go on for a while if they can go on without water" she replied.

"What about food? Can they starve to death?" 

Delilah shrugged. 

Quincey leant back "This is really fucked up" he muttered.

"Yeah it is" Delilah agreed.

"Yet, You've said more in five minutes here than I've heard you say in four days" Quincey said slyly a cheeky grin spreading across his freckled cheeks.

"I've got a lot to be dealing with right now" Delilah wanted to say in a serious "how dare you joke about this" tone of voice. Yet it didn't come out as harsh sounding as she had hoped, more like a light remark you'd throw around in causal conversation.

"Were all dealing with a lot" Quincey said, the frost in his voice bit at Delilah drawing a response. 

"Yeah, but... look I don't want to sound horrible, and I'm sorry if I come across like I'm disinterested, but that's what I am". She turned her head back to the barricade "and if you've come to lecture me on what a heartless woman I am then save it, because I've heard it all before".

Quincey was gobsmacked, he couldn't draw up another word to say to her and simply stood up and began to walk off.

"Thanks!" Delilah felt an impulse to yell, as Quincey turned she hastily added "For, cheering me up a little, it helped even if I am as heartless as I seem, it's nice having someone to complain too". 

Quincey's smile as he left, melted the ice between them maybe he could break into her world and help her.

But for now, she drifted back to it, as she gazed hypnotised at the barricade thinking of the past.


Stanley walked along grinning. He was ready to have some fun with the object he had clenched in his hand.

He creaked open the man's door.

Antonio's head shot up from where it was buried in a book. His face was quizzical as he read along trying to pronounce the words within the book, it was clear he was having little to no success. 

"Hello" Stanley greeted, hiding the object in his pocket.

"Hola" Antonio replied.

Stanley approached him slowly.

"You- want- learn- English?" Stanley said in a dumb accent.

"Eng- er- lash... Inglaterra!" Antonio exclaimed suddenly his eyes lighting up.

"Yes, yes learn Inglaterra!" Stanley repeated, he remembered doing a few Spanish lessons at school and a few loose words stuck in his head.

"Hola, Hello?" Antonio began.

"Yes, Hola is hello" Stanley repeated.

Antonio smiled at his progress.

"Gracias" Antonio said.

Stanley smiled, he knew what that meant without the English to Spanish dictionary he had found earlier while scouting the rooms out of boredom.

"Gracias, fuck you" Stanley said, with a gleeful smile on his face.

"Fuck You?" Antonio repeated.

"Yes!" Stanley said nodding vigorously. This would be hilarious at dinner.


Stanley flicked through the dictionary, ah, Antonio was asking for food.

"Can I have some your ass?" 

"Can I have some your ass?" Antonio echoed, as he struggled to master what he thought was the English word for food, Stanley laughed himself dry at his progress (where Antonio couldn't see of course) as the masked man worked on his "manners". 


Bradley had gone walk about.

Camden scoured the corridors trying to look for him knowing he was fine, but having him out of sight put him on edge, especially now that he knew...

"Dinner will be ready a minute" 

Oliver's voice, strangely flat.

"I was just looking for Bradley, he wonders off sometimes" Camden explained as Oliver approached him.

"I see" Oliver said. No humour in his voice.

He stood staring at Camden, eventually Camden couldn't bear it anymore. "What? What have I done now?" he asked half serious, half joking.

"Just keeping an eye on you really, you follow that boy around a lot, doesn't seem right considering you're not his father" Oliver told him coldly causing Camden to wince. Yet something inside him stirred something of a fury, "And you're not my father either, so I don't see why you're tailing me around" he snapped.

"I'm leading this group, I have to make sure everyone's... safe" Oliver said after a while. "You... You think I'm going to hurt Bradley? Because of what I did a few nights back?!". Camden raged.

"Can't lie too you, that's exactly what I think" Oliver said, Camden store down the fat man, both their gazes were unmoveable the tension between them escalating.

"Funny, I thought it was meant to be a new start for me? Like you said" Camden snarled.

Before Oliver could reply, Victoria's distant yell of "DINNER!" Rang down the narrow corridors, Oliver's full face backed away from Camden's thinner one "We'll carry this on later" He muttered before trudging his way down to hall.

Camden stood there, shaking a little Oliver seemed like a right laugh, a positive man, the fact that he viewed Camden as trash or worse, blew a hole in his self confidence deflating as he slumped again. 

A small girl with blonde hair whizzed past, she stopped and looked up at Camden.

"Hey Camden! Guess what!?" she asked eagerly.

"What?" Camden responded miserably.

"I saw you before all this! When you were a postman!" 

Camden didn't know what to make of this, until he looked back down at Rose again and that's when everything hit him. He understood why he got a sense of deja vu when he looked at Rose, because he had seen her before.

"You were the girl I saw at a flat a few days back, at your dad's house!" He recalled his mouth dropping open as he remembered the fat man Pablo, and now his resemblance to Quincey was striking. The eyes, the nose, the freckles... How did Camden not pick up on it before? 

"Yep that was me, you gave my dad a package, he never got the chance to open it though" Rose said sadly, her head drooping but it lifted a second later and her cheery self remained intact "Still, I only realised a few hours ago it was you, the same postman!" she mused.

"Yeah, that was my last run in my job, weird to think about huh?" Camden asked her.

"Yeah, I kinda wish I was back at school, as boring as it was" Rose said.

The two walked along to dinner after that, as Rose ran over to Quincey, Camden found it odd that Quincey hadn't mentioned his parents not even once. He seemed very open on many topics but not that one.

"But that's hardly anything to worry about" Camden thought as Bradley sat on the floor near to the table, with Rose and Stanley playing nearby. As Heather seated herself next to Camden, he looked across the table, Oliver was glaring at him openly, with Stephanie following his lead. He gulped as Victoria dropped some grilled Salmon onto his plate (The oven was still working, to their relief mainly due to the gas still being present) 

"I'm about to get grilled too" Camden said quietly to Salmon. 

The End

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