"So!" Oliver boomed.

It was nearing the middle of the night and the earlier argument had been extinguished, but it's ashes still blew over everyone there. Making them uncomfortable, Stephanie and Quincey were avoiding eye contact never the less If looks could kill Mariam and Heather would be long dead by now.

Camden sat stiffly and upright, copying Delilah. His face not betraying any alarmed emotions (he hoped) yet his lily green eyes flickered back to Ian and Bradley more than was seen as natural. Ian still had that stern look on his face while gazing at his son, but Camden now understand why.

"How could he murder his mother though?" Camden thought staring at the frail boy. He looked to innocent, too skinny, too meek, too... whatever flew to mind, that was the opposite of "cold blooded murderer".  

Then again people usually didn't associate Camden with dark things, no, just that dump in London he was named after and the fact he was bald as a baby, trying to escape his own thoughts he trained his attention back on Oliver. 

"So... we need to allocate rooms, considering last night was a jumble" Oliver announced.

Camden could agree on that. He spent it curled under the bed rocking back and forth in horror along dust mites and small stick like spiders. 

"So we have seven rooms to allocate to everyone on these top three floors". He began.

Oliver and Stephanie (being the only married couple present, took one double bedroom, with a single bedroom adjoining to it which Stanley took) 

Five rooms left. 

I'll take the single bedroom on the top floor! For me and Sandy!" Mariam bellowed, her name was ticked off the list.

Four rooms left.

"I'll take the largest room" Heather muttered.  

"The one with the single en suite bedroom?" Oliver asked as Heather nodded she got her wish. As Mariam burned holes in the back of her head. "And there's a double bed an opposite room to that one".

"Me and My Boy will take it" Ian muttered. Leaving Camden feeling a bit left out then again Ian was Bradley's father. He wasn't. He may have been watching over Bradley but he wasn't the boy's father. 

Three rooms left.

"Me-single-bed" Antonio said timidly.

Two rooms left.

"Okay so were got a double bed and a single bed in the largest room and then two single beds left" Oliver informed them. 

"So looks like you'll be sleeping me then, little sis" Quincey mused. 

"I don't want to sleep by you! You smell funny and you keep sticking your hands down your pants when you sle...!" Whatever sort of dignity Quincey had left, was vanquished in an instance, as he hastily interrupted his sister with "Hey! You know I don't! Stop making things...!" 

"I'll share the double bed, I don't mind, really" It was Delilah who spoke. 

Quincey looked as if he had won a jackpot as Oliver nodded and said "Okay that's sorted, Rose looks like you're taking the single bed". Rose nodded and accepted this "As long as I don't have to actually be on the same bed as him..." she turned to Delilah still talking "You know what he also does..?." 

"LA LA LA LA LA! No one wants to hear that, get to bed you little rascal" Quincey huffed as Rose scurried off smirking like a Cheshire cat. "I suppose I need some rest, so we better get this over and done with" Delilah uttered. "Yeah" Quincey said solemnly however as he turned away from her he mouthed to Camden "Got the hot one! She's sleeping next to me!" 

"Don't get your hopes up, you've got no chance" Camden mouthed back.

Quincey and Delilah departed seconds later, Stephanie throwing a dissapproving glare after him. 

"I guess that leaves me and you then" Victoria said smiling.

"I suppose so" Camden said warmly, he liked Victoria, but was envious that Quincey was lying next to...

1) A woman his age.

2) A freaking hot woman!

3) A woman who must have low standards if she considered stepping near to Quincey in the first place, so anyone had a shot.

As Camden and Victoria left the room Oliver muttered to his family, "C'mon then you two, we need some rest and time to clear our heads..."


"What did Ian want anyway?"

Camden was just settling down onto his bed when Victoria asked the question. He had a prepared answer for this. "He just wanted to let me know, Bradley can be, you know... a bit, soft and..."

"I understand Camden, that young lad seems to really take a shine to you. It's little wonder his father would tell you how to care for him, if something were to happen to Ian".

"Seems" Carl's warning imprinted onto his brain.  

"Yeah" Camden agreed.

"But hell if something were to happen, it would happen to me most likely" Victoria said as she settled down "You don't get much old women surviving zombie stories or end of world movies, do you?" she asked Camden.

"This isn't a movie Victoria, this is real and you're doing fine" Camden assured her.

"Yeah I just..." she paused and sighed "If I'm honest with you sometimes I feel like I don't have a purpose here, that I'm gonna have to rely on everyone else because my age. I can't live like that..." she said, her voice tearing.

"You're doing damn well so far, you tried to get the girls to talk to each other, you're helping everyone to connect with each other" Camden assured her. "and that went well didn't it?" Victoria asked sarcastically. "You tried, no one can fault you for that" Camden told her.

This seemed to raise Victoria's spirits, she sniffed before responding to him "I suppose you're right, I gotta stop tearing up, the husband would slap my ass if he knew how melancholy I was being right now"  Camden gave a short laugh after this.

"It's just I can't believe I'm actually alive at my age, destruction all round, people dying all over and then there's me, this old bird sitting knitting in apartment a few floors down, all I did was walk up the staircase to the roof when people started screaming".

She sighed, before she smiled again.

"It's guess I got lucky quite simply, all these young people making end of the world plans and most likely most of them are dead right now right beneath us. I had no plan what-so-ever other than just keep walking to safety and it worked somehow funny how the world works isn't it?"

"Yeah" Camden agreed staring at the celling.

"What about you? You live in the opposite flat?" she asked.

Camden thought about it before answering deciding he could trust this elder woman who had opened up to him "I live alone on the twenty second apartment to the opposite flat to this one" he paused before diving forward.

"When they started rising, I had to sneak through hordes of them to get the roof" at the sentence Victoria's eyes seemed to pop out of her head "How'd you do that?" She asked in wonder. "Turns out those things are blind if you don't make any noise they can't see you" Camden replied merrily, proud of his achievement.

"Well I'll be dammed" Victoria muttered in awe.

Camden could tell she wanted to ask about "Carl" and maybe dig up a little more on his past "So other than your long lost brother is there no one out there you're worried about, no family? No girlfriend? Wife? Kids?" she ventured as Camden had predicted her too. 

"No" Camden replied feeling rather empty "Parents died a while back, I've been on my own since then" he told her. 

"That's a shame sweetie, I'd have the feeling you'd be a great family man, still..." she yawned loudly before Camden could answer back "My old bones are killing me and I need some rest, we'll speak tomorrow"

Camden muttered a short "Goodnight" which was returned from Victoria. Soon, the room was filled with Victoria's light snores.

Camden continued to stare up into the black abyss of the celling thinking about the absent family Victoria had mentioned. He felt empty and lonely never the less, he would be heartbroken if there were people out there he cared about, but like the old saying explained "It was better to have loved and lost to then never to have loved at all"

As he took off his cap he could still hear the hisses of the dead in the distance.

"Yet people are closer" Camden thought. Wondering how the hell he was going to deal with the future that lay ahead of him. 

The End

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