A Murderer In The HouseMature

"This sucks" 

"Now, now, ladies, were are going to run out of make-up sooner rather than later we may as well let our natural beauty shine through right now!" Victoria exclaimed proudly

"I was on about this whole Zombie apocalypse itself not the make up hon, hell I've got a lot more pressing matters on my mind then mascara believe it or not" Stephanie answered back smiling lightly. 

Victoria had gathered all the disgruntled girls in the group into the bathroom and (because all of the make-up on these upper floors was none-existent, decided to take the purge that meant they would have to go all natural) 

Heather was silent, her mind ranging as she slowly dabbed her layers of make-up onto a wipe. 

"There we go, see look at me!" Victoria smiled as Rose beamed at her bare face.  

Heather scowled "Well you're an old ugly hag anyway so it makes no difference" she mused aloud but quiet enough so that Victoria didn't hear her. Mariam did. Her wipe freezing on her cheeks and her eyes turning to silts as she store at Heather in disbelief.

Heather hated this. She hated being surrounded by these bitchy women, All of which were showing no signs of wanting to bond with each other at all expect for Rose and Victoria. Victoria, because she had nothing less to lose she had no looks, no husband, not much of a future at her age either and Rose was too young to pick on these sort of girly things, she wasn't concerned about make-up or boys yet.

Heather's ugly thoughts rose to the surface warping her face as she removed her make up she saw in the mirror in front of her a pinkish piggy face, a large rounded chin, thin brown hair with extensions in, dull teal eyes, a large nose and puffed lips. Her nose ring and two facial piercings (one at the bottom of her lip and the other at the top) made her look less womanly.

Heather didn't care. She let herself go, born with an ugly face, she let herself eat herself to her obese size, dye her hair the colour she wanted letting anyone do anything to her body. Having no self respect for herself or her appearance she was all for showing herself what she truly was.

It wasn't removing the make-up that angered Heather, even the thickest bimbo in the apocalypse would run first and find a safe haven before worrying about her "looks" none of the other girls seemed to bothered about it either. What annoyed Heather was that Victoria had tried to mask this whole make up removal session as what she thought was going to be a "bonding session".

She assumed they would all gush and compliment how beautiful they looked anyhow even thought make-up was at the very back of people's mind's right now. Who the hell cared what they looked like? Heather never had or so she kept angrily telling herself, but now in the apocalypse her attitude towards looks was understandable, she wasn't one to hide behind petty smiles and fake compliments in such a dire situation. 

So when Mariam turned to her and snapped "Do you think were all old ugly hags then little missy?"  Heather answered her honestly. 

"Well I know for certain you are" she lamented with no emotion. Mariam turned pink. A tension cut across the room like a knife falling onto everyone's shoulders.

"No offence, doll." Mariam spat "But you're not looking to gorgeous either" 

"Ladies..." Victoria warned, Heather ploughed on anyway.

"You're in no position to judge you know, after you killed that woman..."  

"Heather!" Victoria gasped.

Heather was already striding out of the door not wanting to hear the rest, not wanting to stay with these women she couldn't stand. "Girls just can't bond like boys can" she thought to herself as Misogynistic as it sounded that her solid view on life, based on being raised with a single mother. 

Heather had left Mariam frozen in place, she choked back a sob.

"Mariam, honey?" Victoria began approaching her.

"I need to get back to Sandy" was all Mariam said, leaving the room, to where Sandy was currently with Oliver. Mariam however was thinking hard about what she did and how many people here judged her because of what she had done back while crossing the rope.

"They could at least be more civil" Victoria said returning to the mirror. 

"That Heather's a nasty piece of work" Stephanie told her her black eyes on where Heather had stood.

"Now, now Steph we don't know what's she been through" Victoria thought trying to see the world through the teenagers point of view.

"Yeah, but you don't know what she could put us through" Stephanie counter argued.

As much as she would never admit it a large part of Victoria agreed with Stephanie on that point as Delilah left the room silently, the question Rose wanted to ask her but had forgotten to, burnt on her tongue still. 


Dinner was a tense affair, no one spoke like they did the previous night Camden partly blamed himself for freaking everyone out the previous night. 

Bradley didn't smile at Camden at dinner his head was buried in a bible, he seemingly buckled under his father's stern eye. Ian's look towards Bradley was something that Camden didn't like in the slightest. 

Finally, Stanley was the first to speak up.

"I've got a really long chip" he announced holding it up for the group to see.

"I'll bet you have son, especially if you take after your old man!" Oliver boomed laughing at his own sexual innuendo, Quincey picked up on it and the ringing laughter from the pair of them cleared the tension. A little. Never the less, Rose smiled her spirits rising her confidence blooming as she finally decided to ask Delilah the question she needed too.

"Hey Delilah!?" 

Delilah looked up, slightly alarmed at being addressed.

"Yes" she muttered.

"Why you were watching Quincey, Camden and Antonio earlier when they were playing that game?"

Delilah seemed to choke on her bit of beef coughing herself hoarse (and after she gulped down a glass of water) she looked at Rose in disbelief before she finally answered. "I was merely curious it seemed like a funny little thing you men were doing" she announced, with the reporters tone.

"You could have come up and joined us, we wouldn't have turned down an offer from a beauty like yourself" Quincey flirtatious gesture however was laced with caution, which everyone picked up on. "I was simply curious, that is all" Delilah concluded, returning to her food. A cold, curt and closing response that ended the conversation. 

Well, For five seconds.

"What game!?" Stanley shouted across the table spraying food everywhere.

"Stanley! Eat with your mouth closed..."

"This game where you had to throw a nail into one of the zombies' mouth!" Rose exclaimed before Quincey could stop her. 

"Cool!" Stanley shouted again.

Stephanie however,looked like a lion ready to pounce, no doubt she didn't find it "cool" in the slightest. 

"You were playing this, in-front-of-the-children?" she began, turning on Quincey.

"No one was getting harmed by them!" Quincey argued in defense "The children shouldn't bear anywhere near those things!" Stephanie screamed.

Quincey didn't seem to have a comeback to that.

"Well aren't we all becoming BFF's" Heather commented slyly.

"Keep out of this" Mariam spat, the tension between the pair could be cut with one of the butter knives on the table. Victoria had given Camden the latest gossip on what went down in the bathroom.

"Steph..." Oliver began however he was shot down instantly by one of her black filled glares.

"I think you're overreacting, it's only a game!" Quincey shouted before Stephanie could speak again

"Only a game...?" Stephanie fumed, ready to erupt. 

"Hey, Rose wanna go play cards!?" Stanley shouted over his mother, knowing full well what would happen when she erupted and he did not want to be in her path when that happened. 

"Yeah" Rose muttered the two fled the room almost instantly scared of what was to follow as Camden looked over at Bradley still engrossed in his bible, undisturbed by the chain of events unlike the other children his age, yet Camden assumed he was putting on a brave face of disinterest so he decided to help. 

"Hey Bradley, maybe you should go play with the others" Camden suggested, Bradley looked up.

"No, I'm okay here" He smiled.

However before Quincey and Stephanie could truly go off to one another, Ian's chair screeched against the tiled floor as he stood up his chest bloated outwards. "It is disgraceful that were our bickering amongst ourselves at a time where we should be untied!" He bellowed, his words creating a wave of silence amongst everyone around the table.

"Now if you don't mind, I will excuse myself. I shall not get myself involved in such quarrelsome matters" he huffed he turned and stomped out of the door to the left before he was gone however he yelled from the corridor "Camden! Can I have a word!?" 

"Sure!" Camden shouted back. Standing up quickly, leaving his dinner behind and people whose moods were as dark as the long shadows against the walls and floors, he followed Ian into the corridor. 

Ian led him down into the black depths of the long corridor, the hissing of the dead below heightened Camden's sense of anxiety, Ian didn't say a word which raised Camden's anxiety to higher levels.  Ian finally turned to face him, where the distant argument was more like a disgruntled whisper in Camden's ear.

"You seem to have grown rather fond of my boy" he told Camden.

"Yeah, his very well-mannered, you raised him well" Was all Camden could say, no idea where this going but he had a few ideas.

What he didn't expect Ian to do was clutch his face in his hands and sink to the floor, sobbing heavily. Camden could only stare in nervous, uncomfortable, silence. 

"Are you okay?" Camden eventually asked.

"My dear Lavender" He whispered loudly enough for Camden to hear Camden bent down as Ian looked up, his black eyes looking like an leaking oil well. "She was my wife and Bradley's mother" He explained.

Camden had already put two and two together that Bradley's mother had been dead. However hearing her name sent a new chill down his spine making her sound more human than simply "the zombies" below him. "God, do I tell them? Their already falling apart as it is, if they learn about Bradley. God give me strength, I don't know what they'll do..."

"What are you talking about?" Camden asked, a new horrible feeling latching itself onto his stomach like an unmoveable tumour.

"Bradley, has never had the best relationship with me or his mother". Ian began, Camden didn't want to hear what happened next, yet he was frozen in place.

"We were surrounded, he... he has always had behavioural problems. He, pushed my love, into them. Into a large swarm of those devils...! He paused as he sobbed "And then the most chilling thing, he'd said he'd do it again, to anyone if needs be".

Camden heard but didn't believe, the dots didn't connect.

"But..." he began.

"Why do you think I try such a firm religious grip on him?" Ian wailed "I've tried everything to calm him down! To save him! But now I feel that the right thing to do is tell everyone and just... let them help, but what will they do to my beloved boy! I told you because... because, he seems to like you, and you wouldn't tell..."

"No" Camden said firmly "Ian I... I won't tell and I think we should keep this between us" Camden was talking not thinking, instinct taking over.

With this he said it.

"I'll watch him, I'll look after him. I'll make sure he doesn't hurt anyone" Camden instructed. Ian wiped his nose and stood up at Camden's urgent words, wiping the back of his hand across his face as he sniffed "I appreciate your advice and help Camden, I hope, I pray, that he can finally change his ways, with your help and guidance".

Camden wasn't listening, he was thinking in disbelief... Bradley the boy who looked and acted just like him, how could he callously murder his own mother? But now Ian explained it, it all made sense, especially his religious treatment of Bradley and he had just met Bradley he didn't know everything about the boy.

Now he knew more than he ever wanted too.

Yet despite this news, Camden was determined to help Ian. To help change Bradley's ways. He was a problem child and made his parents life hell by the way Ian was sounding and murdered his own mother. He had killed a person.

Yet despite this, Camden's kinship with Bradley only grew stronger.  

The End

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