The most dramatic of pauses followed this, Quincey was breathless.


If Camden had the will, he would throw himself from the railing right now.

"Qué es él hablando?" Antonio asked Camden.

Camden shrugged, not having a clue what any of the men around him were going on about.

"Don't give me that look you guys! Look it's simple!" He grabbed a tiny rusting nail from where he had amassed a pile on the ground. "You pick one up and you chuck it!" and with that the small metal object flew through the air and flew straight downwards to the zombies below which circled the staircase.

It bounced of one woman's nose.

"CLOSE ENOUGH!" Quincey bellowed.

The aggravated zombies hissed louder, pressing against the railings to try and get to the white haired young man. Obviously they couldn't fly but the sight of it still unnerved Camden even though the barricade next to them looked as solid as rock, the amass of domestic objects protecting the lives of 14 people, and 3 floors at the top of this flat from a zombie feast. 

Antonio was still wearing his black leather mask he was clothed rather plainly, any doubts Camden had about himself being weird were dashed as he was standing next to a Spanish man wearing a leather mask and a madman whose idea of entertainment was chucking small metal nails into the mouths of moving corpses.

"Put- Nail-o- into-mouth-o!" Quincey started to slowly explain to a completely blank looking Antonio. 

"Que no sabe español verdad?" Antonio asked Camden again, a sort of pleading in his voice. Camden couldn't answer. "Español?" he repeated to Camden, Camden didn't know Spanish but he knew that Espanol meant something about Spain. No it was the Spanish word for Spain. No it was Spanish! Antonio must have been asking him if he knew Spanish.  

"No, me no speak Spanish, me no Espanol" he explained in a slow voice.

"No Espanol?" Antonio repeated rather deflated.

"No" Camden concluded.

Antonio looked down defeated, Camden looked at him because of that mask covering his face it was impossible to tell how old he was he was rather short and fairly bulky, but that could have meant anything. With fresh wavy black hair and a single wide brown eye suggested he was young but his voice was very rugged and deep suggesting he could have been older. Camden put a bet on mid 30's as a wild guess on his age.

"So, now you two are done, Camden will you at least play?" Quincey pleaded.

Camden wanted to tell him how absolutely off his rocker he was But then he thought about it twice, there was no TV to keep them entertained. Added to the fact no one could get harmed by this, plus Quincey was trying to befriend him he was the only guy here around Quincey's age, So with a sigh he muttered with a smile "You're on, first one to ten wins!"


Half an hour later, Camden was fairly surprised at how fun this game had turned out to be Even Antonio joined in after ten minutes of watching "Nail-in-mouth" he said slowly, his English skills seemed very poor as he said it as he jabbed his tanned fingers at the zombies below. 

"Yes! Yes! Nail-o in mouth-o" Quincey told him.

"Se cree que soy italiano?" Camden heard Antonio mutter to himself as he picked up a few nails. 

Now nearly an hour into the game the three of them couldn't stop, Camden lagged behind at 3 successfully going down a zombie's gob while Quincey was on 5. They lost count of Antonio's count as It turned out (despite only having one eye focused because of his mask) he had the aim of a God and then some. He scored ten cheering at every strike that came one after another and he kept going, as Quincey and Camden battled against each other rather than him.

"His just lucky" Quincey muttered sourly, both he and Camden knew that wasn't the case the guy had a flare for this.

Another five minutes into the game Quincey suddenly yelled "ROSE!" 

Camden nearly had a heart attack, as the small girl hiding behind the barricade sprung up behind it.

"What the hell are you doing by there! I told you stay away from it!" He yelled. 

"I was watching you guys" she said digging her toe into the dimly reflective metal floor "Besides how did you know I was here" she whined.

"Because your pop went the weasel went off, that's how" Quincey told her as he grabbed a flower on her coat with his pale but large hand and pushed downwards and a faint melody of "Pop Goes The Weasel" began to play, a bit too light for Camden's ears over the hissing of the dead in the confined tube-shaped location of the staircase but it looked like Quincey overheard it.

"How long have you been here" he demanded from her, she finally met his eyes after a short lip biting pause "Since you started, I want to play too" She begged.

"Rose... you're too young for this" Quincey scolded her. "Am not! And they don't scare me! Because they can't get me!" She stamped her foot in frustration glaring at her older brother, after a tense staring contest Quincey finally gave in his shoulders slumped in an acceptance of defeat. 

"Fine, you can stay here and watch, but promise me you won't go near that barricade again" he bargained. "Deal!" she sang before wrapping her arms around her older brother "You're the best big brother in the world Quince!" 

"Geroff you little creep" Yet despite the comment, Quincey's smile was solid.

For the first 5 seconds, Rose was quiet.

"So you're not insane then?" she asked Camden innocently. 

"No, I'm no boogeyman" Camden smiled.

"The boogeyman doesn't scare me, Quince just thinks it does because he dressed up as boogeyman the once when I was little. Well, when I was five and I screamed really loud but I'm braver now You know he dressed up as the boogeyman from WWE You know the one with the worms in his mouth...?"

"I'm sure he did" Camden said. Still trying to figure why he got this sense of deja vu from the rapidly talking small girl who didn't seem to pause for breath as she spoke.

"You're good at this" she told Antonio, not even finishing her earlier point to Camden.  Antonio remained silent. "He doesn't speak English sis, we discussed this". Quincey said. "Well I know a bit of Spanish actually "una, dos, tres, cuatro..."

"Straight from Dora the Explorer" Quincey explained to Camden rolling his eyes. 

Rose continued to babble as they played, eventually as Camden scored ahead because Quincey lost focus, he turned to Rose. "Rose, just... can't you go play with that other kid!? Were trying to play here and you're distracting me!" he snapped.

"Bradley only reads his bible, and all Stanley does is talk about football, and their both boys..." 

"Well, were all boys" Quincey pointed out.

"Yeah, but she was seemed interested when she watched you earlier, so girls can play this" Rose said.

Quincey stiffened.

"Who?" he asked instantly.

"Well, that woman, you know the one with the curly hair and the one who speaks posh..." 

"Delilah?" Camden answered a picture of her forming in his mind. 

"Yeah" Rose beamed.

"What did, she do?" Quincey asked again.

"Well she just stood there behind the door for a while watching you guys and then she walked off..."

"If you're lying to me about this...!"

"I'm not! I promise I'm not!" 

The game carried on for a little longer, neither Quincey nor Camden liking the idea of being watched without them realising it Rose was one thing but Delilah could have approached them. Why stay quiet? Was she shy? It was the most logical answer.

But in this scenario, you had to suspect the worst.

"Well, I'm beat" Quincey finally gave up on the game as Camden scored his tenth nail in the mouth. He walked out the door as Rose followed him nagging him on a new topic. Antonio followed shortly after him while Camden remained on the staircase for a little while longer staring down at the thousands of cruel white eyes, stained with flecks of Black Blood.

"At least you guys are predictable" he thought aloud.

Whereas people were not. 

The End

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