Hanging By A ThreadMature

The Day rolled by in the breeze.

The survivors on the other apartment roof were of a great interest of first but soon they merely became silhouettes on a roof a fair few feet away. The fat man (who seemed like the leader) conversed in shouting matching to Danny, Camden picked up the fat man's name as Oliver although he couldn't peer in close enough to recall the man's details, only that he was very fat and loud. Camden didn't pick up the names of the others.

There story had been the same as there's only they had a barricade that worked on the lower floors apparently after that detail emerged Camden (and the majority of the others) soon lost interest, their focus on the others drifting like the newly appearing heavy grey clouds in the sky.

Looked like a storm was on the way.  

They knew nothing more on the infection than Camden did yet they had served one purpose, they had diverted all of Danny's interest onto them. Hence whatever he needed to talk about with Camden was stalled, Mariam seemed absorbed in a girly chat with Anna while her three kids played tag around the rooftop. "Don't get too close to the edge!" she yelled as one of the boys went ran dangerously close to the edge of the roof on her warning he took off in another direction.

Camden bent his head trying not to draw interest to himself.

"Maybe we ought to go" Carl suggested next to him.

"Where too?" Camden asked dryly his eyes observing the stark drop below him, the same endless windows below them, the reddish-black stains on the distant pavement, black figures stumbling around, some by themselves, others in large clumps the fires still burning on inside distant buildings, luckily this flat (nor it's twin) were on fire.

"I'm not saying we should grow wings, I'm saying if we get the chance we should just go" Carl replied examining his thumb. "I dunno, some of these people I'm starting to like" Camden admitted honestly, his eyes resting on Danny, Sally and the kid Bradley, who seemed to pacing around the roof.

"Fucking hell I wish rescue would arrive already" Carl admitted, his legs dangling over the edge of the roof like Camden's. Camden eyes turned back to the kitchen knife clasped in his fingers it was wiped clean as he studied his reflection in the silver surface. "You're stronger than most of the people here Cam" Carl said observing him, as Camden did a double take of his pale and peachy looking face. 

"In what way?" Camden replied confused.

"Look, I don't like being the guy who sits and waits to be rescued, I'm the guy meant to be doing the rescuing and me and you, were a team bro. We got to the roof, past hundreds of these things we had to kill a few".

"Your point?" Camden said readjusting the plain blue cap on his head.

"We stick together Cam, we watch each other's backs. We don't go running off with other people that don't know shit about fighting these things!"

He suddenly understood what Carl was getting at.

"I'm not abandoning you for them!" He began "I..."

For the second time today, he was interrupted by a knock at a door, unfortunately this time the air conditioner in front of the door on their side was budged dangerously forward, the door seemed to be opening, or breaking down by it's hinges

"MUM!" One of Anna's kids yelled who was near to the door, he ran back into his mother's embrace in fear, as Danny stepped forward to try and place the heavy conditioner back in place.


"Shit" Danny swore, the conditioner could stay in place but the door behind it would break and the dead would climb over it they were running low on time.  


Camden could now hear the hiss of the dead behind the door, their numbers seemed to have increased, all day the thuds at the door had been growing louder, the barricade had grown forever weaker, a truth the group wanted to ignored for as long as possible.

It was a fantasy and now they were going to pay the price.

"CAN YOU HELP US!" Danny yelled desperately to the survivors lurking on the nearby roof.

There was no reply, but Camden heard a short discussion on the other roof, before one of the figures ran back inside.   "I think there going to help us" Sally stuttered her face drained of all colour.


Camden saw the pale boy Bradley, shrink behind his father who was backing away from the door as far as he could possibly go.


"Remember keep quiet" Carl instructed, getting his weapon ready, Camden pointed his knife towards the door and held his breath.


"There!" Sally screamed as Camden gasped, for a second he thought the door had been broken, but he saw the fat man in the distance had somehow conjured up a climbing rope in his hands, lassoing it, he bellowed "HERE!" before thrusting it over the space between them, it fell a few feet short of the twin flat.

"SHIT! TRY AGAIN!" Danny screamed as the fat man hastily coiled the rope around his hand once again. 


He threw it again and this time with more force, as the rope soared through the air, this time Danny's meaty fingers were stretched outwards, he just about caught the end of the rope, "YES!" He bellowed in victory as he pulled the rock backwards, uncoiling it until it straight across the space between the flats.


From a distance Oliver shouted words that did not abode well with Camden at all. 




"ARE YOU MAD? MY BOYS CAN'T DO THAT!" Anna bellowed back.

Her children were crying again. Camden stared at the rope in disbelief, suspended in mid-air over a distance of 50 feet (this Oliver must have been one hell of a rugby player to throw it that far, he may have been fat but the man must have had bulk too).

"Hang on let me tie this" Sally said taking the rope in her shaking hands as she began to wrap the rope around an air conditioner bolted onto the roof. "Do you know how to do that properly!?" Danny asked in concern.




"Yes, I used to go rock climbing to try and remove some of this" she pointed at her stomach a shadow of her old humour returning "The instructor taught me how to tie a pretty secure knot, it should be able to handle our weight" 

"Should?" Danny asked wide eyed.

Sally focused on the rope itself, wrapping it around the air conditioner three times, before busying her fingers with a complex knot, when she was done she stood up sweating, her brown eyes locked on the rope. "Oh God I don't know if I can do this..." she uttered staring at the vast strip of rope. 


Camden was growing more anxious with each passing second. 

"Cam, we gotta do this, no chance were getting past that horde" Carl muttered before he bolted off, Camden turned to see Carl jump right onto the rope and already he was speeding across the damn thing using his strong arms and legs to keep his grip and propel himself forward.

"COME ON!" He yelled back, crossing the rope faster than a damn monkey.

"Well excuse me for lacking the training for this shit" Camden thought bleakly, very aware of a thirty seven floor drop if he so much so as slipped for a second.



There was no time, Anna was screaming, Sally (despite her weight) got onto the rope after Carl, tears welling her eyes as Camden saw she was a sluggish one to get across. He saw Mariam bent over, her eyes serious as she used her sari to tightly tie her baby daughter to her back who snoozing peacefully despite the circumstances.



With that final thud the door came tumbling down and the dead spread like seeds from a dandelion that he just been blown. 

One particularly fast of one these zombies or dead people. (Camden had several labels for them) was almost upon Mariam, stumbling forwards at a quick pace she couldn't get up in time. It was too fast.

Too bad Camden was faster. 

He sprinted to the thing, shoulder first knocking it over, before it could turn to him  Camden had already dug deep and found his inner strength, bringing it to the surface he screamed and thrust his kitchen knife into the zombie's head. It growled and twitched, with another tug Camden pulled his knife out of the zombie's brains, It's black blood creating another wet layer to Camden's clothing.

"GO!" He bellowed at Mariam.

She didn't need telling twice, she ran directly towards the rope right after Sally.

He slashed another approaching woman in the chest, this didn't kill her, but it halted her as Camden was sprayed in black blood, he saw Ian crawl onto the rope followed by Bradley. 


Anna's yell. Grief stricken, Camden looked back just in time to see one of her boys falling Screaming like there was no tomorrow which there wasn't for him. Anna dissolved into tears on one the corner of the roof  one of her sons beside her tugging at her white coat, crying, begging her to move, the zombie horde closing in.

There was no chance, one zombie found her neck, as she fell cleanly off the edge of the building, while her son only had time to squeal for a second, before one of them grabbed his hair, his head snapped backwards as the zombie bit his exposed neck. His squeak became a horrible splutter, and with tears streaming down his face the boy fell.

Tumbling like a stone.

Camden was forcefully reminded off the victims he saw on the first day, he did not want to become like that as the zombies approached he backed up towards the rope.


A wailing that tugged Camden's heart strings, Anna's youngest son (he had to be 2 or 3) was wailing right beside Camden paralyzed in fear as his screams grew louder as the zombies approached. His terror of them increasing.

And suddenly, his tear soaked eyes found Camden's.

"Help me" He croaked.

The zombies were closing in, he could have grabbed the boy and made a go for it. It haunted him later, all the things he could have done but to put it quite simply, he was a coward and he snapped, throwing his knife into his pocket...

He dived for the rope leaving the boy not looking at him as he let out his shrillest scream yet, which made Camden tighten up on the rope, there was a crunching noise than a scream that dragged downwards. The distant thud on the pavement below that confirmed the boys demise, made Camden flinch horribly but his grip remained locked on the rope as he moved forward, his mind numb over what he had just done.

Danny jumped onto the rope behind him.

"MOVE!" He bellowed at Camden angrily, his eyes dark in rage. His brows furrowed in anger.

He saw Camden leave the child. He knew it.

He moved forwards, his gut twisting, his eyes hot, his ears felt warm.

He was truly a detestable person.  

The End

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